The concept of provably fair gaming has been generating a lot of buzz. It is often deemed as a concept that would challenge the stereotype as old as gambling itself: that all games are rigged and that the house always wins. Even though the best Canada’s casinos operating online don’t even think about meddling with mechanics and transparently list all playing rules, they are even starting to utilize provably fair titles to attract the more skeptical part of the casino crowd.

What is Provably Fair Gaming and How Does it Work? 

Provably fair games are casino titles that look just like any other game but allow players to test the outcome of every single bet they place. This mechanic enables 100% transparency.

On the outside, the game might seem like any other ordinary game: players will see reels, paylines, a roulette wheel — all the crucial elements according to the genre. Yet, once the gambler is done with the bet, they can use the data generated by the game and see whether it was really random.

Of course, such an approach requires casino players to do two things:

  • That they understand what parameters need to be entered in certain parts of the formula;
  • And that gamblers can interpret the result of the equation. 

To ensure the best slot experiences, gamblers who want to rely on provably fair games simply have to put a bit of extra effort into their sessions.

Cryptography and Fairness 

The practical part of provably fair games is possible due to the technology that lies deep beneath the surface, which makes it all work. The basis of the mechanics is cryptographic algorithms that generate seeds and, therefore, ensure fairness. Keep in mind that this is an oversimplified explanation of the technology used, yet even so, there are three crucial elements in the process:

  1. Server seed that the player receives before placing the bet (it is produced by the casino);
  2. Client seed powered by the server;
  3. Crypto nonce that is related to the bets. 

By implementing all three elements in formulas that are often integrated on the casino site or within the game, players can easily check every bet they place.

The Importance of Player Verification Tools

The skeptics might say that verification tools can even be adjusted to display false information and fake positive results. Fortunately, open-ended cryptographic encryption guarantees a high level of control among players of the gambling community. They can take a look at the game and its background anytime.

With all this in mind, players must also understand how provably fair games are only one of the tools they can use to ensure their safety. The inclusion of iGaming licenses, responsible gaming tools and transparent T&C are still more important than ever. Ultimately, it takes a whole package to run a sustainable casino business that will satisfy players.