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Runner’s Tribe covers all aspects of athletics, track and field, road running, junior athletics, and more throughout Australasia and the world. All sections are constantly updated and improved.

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Our Mission from the original Runner’s Tribe, which still remains.

The Runner’s Tribe believes, quite simply, that running is the most pure form of physical endeavour known to humans. Being the first and foremost true world sport, the basic process of running occurs daily the world over wherever there are people.

At its most basic level running needs no fancy or expensive equipment, no man-made constructions, or sterile playing arenas. Runners are free to enjoy the solitude of nature either by themselves, or with a group of friends around them.

The Runner’s Tribe believes that running is vital for the health of society as a whole. In today’s modern world, kids growing up turn to video games instead of playing outdoors, movies instead of weekend sport, or junk food instead of a play at the park. Furthermore, the percentage of overweight people continues to climb, as do rates of depression. We believe that running acts as a natural form of medicine, increasing self-confidence and improving both mental and physical health.

The Runner’s Tribe also believes in the value of taking running to the elite level and acknowledges the amazing athletes who dedicate much of their lives to the pursuit of superior fitness. Running is one of our truly world sports, thus making success at the elite level rare indeed. We believe that the level of dedication required to be an Olympic runner exceeds the commitment required for most other sports.

The world’s best runners hail from all corners of the globe, from Nigeria to London, New Zealand to Zurich. It isn’t a sport dominated by one nationality, nor is it structured in a way that only wealthy people can gain access to it. We believe that these amazing athletes do not receive the recognition that they deserve. We hope to improve the profile of athletics at an elite level and help aspiring elite athletes realise their dreams.