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Hey ballers, it's Daniel Gercart, coming at you with a sneak peek into a game-changing gear piece that has been turning heads on the court – the Brooks Draft Hybrid Glove. Now, as a pro basketball player, my performance is everything, and I'm not one to compromise on the...
Today, ASICS SportStyle announces the launch of the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 sneaker – the lightest CO2 emissions sneaker on the market². Inspired by one of the most iconic sneakers from ASICS SportStyle, this version evolves the GEL-LYTE™ III OG silhouette to minimise its impact on the planet without compromising on quality or design. With some of the most creative solutions integrated, the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95 sneaker takes the fusion of sustainability efforts and design aesthetics a step further. 
The design of the ACTIBREEZE™ HYBRID SANDAL has been revamped from its predecessor to offer even better preparation from one performance to the next. It now features a 3D printed footbed, parametrically designed in an extra-thick lattice structure to provide advanced breathability and zoned comfort. 
In recent years, the running world has seen a seismic shift in footwear technology, most acutely impacting the elite level. Long-standing world records are continually getting shattered, athletes are getting faster, and qualifying standards keep getting lowered. Advancements in materials innovation have paved the way for a new landscape of ‘super shoes’, where runners are opting for higher stack, more cushioned, and more propulsive racing shoes.
Running a double marathon (84.4km/52.4mi) is no mean feat. But when it comes straight after two days of competition that includes a 10km (6.2mi) open water swim and 420km (260mi) of time trialing on your bike, the idea of running two marathons back to back becomes even more challenging.   Welcome...
Oakley® has launched the next chapter of innovation with Re:SubZero, an advanced, lightweight frame made to wear during a run, training session, or whenever you’re breaking a sweat in pursuit of self-betterment.
ASICS have announced the latest updates to its record breaking METASPEED™ series as they take the performance of their product personalisation to the next level.
  A shout out to the team at Hyperice for sending us the latest Normatic 2.0 Pro for testing.  After three weeks of daily use, we are not disapointed. This latest version has been created with the greatest performance and customisation to date. Built to help runners of all ability...
This article attempts to explain our logic and help guide customers to making a decision on which massage device to purchase.
An innovative company based out of Melbourne, Australia, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their eco-friendly bottle - Memobottle. Ideal for runners on the move that need to squeese a bottle into a small space in their travel bag, it is practical as well net positive for the environment. Born from a desire to reduce the impact of single-use bottles, the memobottle is designed to ensure you never leave your bottle behind again.