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If Courtney Dauwalter could bend the laws of time, her chosen expedition wouldn't be to an exotic epoch, but a rigorous venture back to the pioneering days of the American continent—a wagon train traverse reminiscent of the Oregon Trail. Her aim? To test her resilience in the face of adversity, to explore the untamed wilderness and see what resilience might flourish within her.
Beer tunnels, a bridge across the track taking spectators to the infield, food trucks, flash tattoos and a DJ – spectators above a certain age had to be advised this was not a reference to a ‘superior’ department store but the job description of the bloke playing the music – meant there was never a dull moment. In deference to the same spectators, the volume was mercifully lowered.
This weekend, the world’s best current 10,000 metres runner will be contesting the Valencia marathon. That’s Joshua Cheptegei of Uganda in case you’ve not been paying attention. He has won the 10,000 gold medal at the past three world championships.
Anyone of any age who engages in running should be in tune with their body and seek medical advice before embarking on any intensive activity (including changes to said activity) that may unduly extend them. This is critical should the aspiring athlete have underlying medical conditions and/or ongoing health issues requiring medication.
Since you ask, the five male nominees are Kelvin Kiptum, Neeraj Chopra, Noah Lyles, Ryan Crouser and Mondo Duplantis; the female nominees are Tigst Assefa, Femke Bol, Faith Kipyegon, Shericka Jackson and Yulimar Rojas.
Stephen Dinneen is a well-known coach on the Australian middle distance and distance running scene.  A fast runner himself, with PBs ranging from 3:48 over 1500m to 65 minutes for the half-marathon (all times taken from World Athletics).. These days, Stephen is a coach to dozens of strong runners, ranging from...
In the heart of Western Australia's picturesque Avon Valley, the highly anticipated Transcend returns in 2024 with options for all fitness levels. Mark your calendars for 22 June, where you have the option to take part in the Kids Dash, 6km Hike, 6km Run, 40km Team Relay Hike (2-3 ppl 12/16/12km), 40km Hike, 65km Team Relay Run (2-5 ppl 12/12/12/16/12km) or the ultimate challenge, the 65km Ultra.
For decades, the concept of sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, boosting athletic performance has lingered. Dr. Siegler, a key contributor to over 15 studies on sodium bicarbonate in sports, sheds light on its potential benefits during intense exercise.
It’s safe to say the combined value of the shoes worn by the women’s lead pack in New York last weekend – even adjusted for inflation – would have been many times that of Pizzolato’s shoes (just as his would have been way above those worn by Emil Zatopek and Jim Peters).
The New York City Marathon, taking place on November 5th this year, holds a rich history dating back to its inception in 1970. Over the span of 53 years, it evolved into one of the world's most renowned marathons, occupying a prominent place within the annual Marathon Majors. Notably, in...