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The men’s 1500 metres was one of the two most anticipated races at the just-concluded national championships in Adelaide (the other, the women’s 800).
Well then. That was something, wasn’t it? All summer the middle-distance events have been the spotlight of Australian athletics and, come the national championships, they delivered again. In spades. Ultimately, though, one or two exceptions aside, the form held up. After all that churning, the cream rose to the top...
Episode Intro In this episode, we have an inspiring conversation with professional runner Joe Klecker. If you're a runner or simply passionate about the sport of Track and Field, this episode is for you.  Throughout our conversation, Joe shares valuable insights into the world of competitive running, from the importance of...
Jasmin Paris, the trailblazing woman who recently completed the grueling Barkley Marathons, now wears her battle scars with pride. Despite enduring tendonitis, swollen feet, and a web of itchy cuts, she crossed the finish line triumphantly.
Glory days, well they'll pass you by, Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye, Glory days, glory days - Bruce Springsteen ‘The Boss’ had that right, I reckon. The glory days pass you by: rarely do they return. Which is why the announcement this week of a revamped Melbourne Track Classic...
Newcomers emerge. From nowhere, but suddenly ready. Established performers can find the lure of the Olympics has seduced them into stretching their career just one more year before cruelly abandoning them. Fixed in their four-year cycle – except Tokyo! - the Games timing has a touch of Goldilocks, a year too soon for some, a year too late for others, just right for the medallists.
“It seems crazy,” Kerr responded, comparing the 40,000 to money on offer in other sports and against the appearance fees paid to some of the world indoor gold medallists – Noah Lyles, Grant Holloway and Femke Bol three he name-checked – to compete at other meetings (guess Kerr’s implying it’s less?).
Stewy McSweyn missed hitting the 1000m national record at the Box Hill Burn, with Andrew Coscoran from Ireland stealing the show again to take the win in 2:19.36, with fellow Irishman Paul Robinson taking third. Brook Feldmeier from the USA won the Women’s 1000m in 2:51.82, ahead of Cleo Richardson and Rachel O’Brien.
Episode Notes When it comes to the sport of running, every sprint, every breath, and every challenge is a testament to the resilience and spirit of an athlete. Today on the RunnersTribe podcast, I dive into the remarkable journey of a good friend of mine, Will Leer, a former professional...
The women’s race had barely sunk in – a sub-30 from Ethiopia’s world cross-country silver medallist Tsigie Gebreselama, 30:35.66 from Lauren Ryan in third place, breaking Benita Willis’s Australian record set way back in the 2003 world championships – when eight men came in under 27 minutes in the men’s with another five, including Jack Rayner in another AR 27:09.57, between 27:07 and 27:10.