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The Gel-Nimbus 26 marks the latest chapter in Asics' esteemed running shoe saga, a journey spanning 26 iterations. With its enduring popularity rivaled only by the Gel-Kayano, this shoe has been a trusted companion for countless runners seeking maximum cushioning and reliability.
As we embark on the journey of 2024, the running shoe market witnesses a wave of innovation, promising an exhilarating year for enthusiasts of the sport. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual runner, choosing the right pair of shoes is pivotal to achieving optimal performance. This comprehensive guide explores the leading running shoes of 2024, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and features that have captured the attention and admiration of the running community.
In the world of fitness and wellness, the importance of sustainability is gaining momentum. As more individuals embrace eco-friendly lifestyles, the demand for sustainable products, including footwear, is on the rise. For avid runners, finding the perfect pair of eco-friendly running shoes that not only deliver top-notch performance but also contribute to a healthier planet is a goal worth pursuing. In this article, we explore some of the best eco-friendly running shoes that align with both your fitness goals and your commitment to environmental conservation.
February 6th, 2024 - Fractel, the Sunshine Coast based performance headwear brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its equity crowdfunding campaign. Born from the vision of founder and CEO Matt Niutta, who turned a personal challenge into a thriving business, Fractel has rapidly evolved into a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and community in the sportswear market.
Trail running is a dynamic and exhilarating sport that demands footwear capable of tackling diverse terrains. As we step into 2023, the trail running shoe market has witnessed the emergence of outstanding options designed to elevate your running experience. Let's explore the best trail running shoes that are set to dominate the trails this year.
The design of the ACTIBREEZE™ HYBRID SANDAL has been revamped from its predecessor to offer even better preparation from one performance to the next. It now features a 3D printed footbed, parametrically designed in an extra-thick lattice structure to provide advanced breathability and zoned comfort. 
In recent years, the running world has seen a seismic shift in footwear technology, most acutely impacting the elite level. Long-standing world records are continually getting shattered, athletes are getting faster, and qualifying standards keep getting lowered. Advancements in materials innovation have paved the way for a new landscape of ‘super shoes’, where runners are opting for higher stack, more cushioned, and more propulsive racing shoes.
Renowned long-distance runners, Kara Goucher and Des Linden, recently discussed the impact of carbon-plated sneakers, also known as "super shoes," on the sport of running. The duo hosts a podcast called Nobody Asked Us, where they delve into various topics related to running. In a recent episode, they shared their thoughts on youth athletes using these high-tech shoes.
Oakley® has launched the next chapter of innovation with Re:SubZero, an advanced, lightweight frame made to wear during a run, training session, or whenever you’re breaking a sweat in pursuit of self-betterment.
The Under Armour human performance and product development teams continue to create innovative solutions for runners to bring you the next generation of unparalleled performance running shoes. With the help of UA athletes and brand ambassadors, the UA Innovation Lab in Baltimore and UA Human Performance Centre in Portland, Under Armour develops the best footwear that’s based on key insights and learnings from years of experience and research. UA has always performed best when we’re disruptive: The UA HOVR Machina launched with the innovative Pebax® Propulsion Plate, and the first iteration of UA Flow eliminated the need for a heavy rubber outsole — and we’re not stopping there.