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Have you made or found an awesome athletics movie recently?

We search the Web everyday for the coolest, informative and most inspiring track & field videos around. We find a lot of great stuff, both past and present, but we’re always looking for more. We need more! Have you seen a great video or a short film that you think deserves to be included on our Featured Videos section? Let RT know. Are you a filmmaker looking to showcase your latest workout film, Show us.

Is your squad currently making videos? Let us promote them on the site for the our weekly audience of 100,000 + viewers.

Original Submissions

All accepted original submissions (Produced by you and that don’t breach any Copyright laws) that Feature/Headline on the site will receive a Runner’s Tribe Elite Running Singlet (contact for more detail) and if you choose, further opportunities with the team at Runner’s Tribe to film the best athletes around the world.

Thank you for submitting your video to Runner’s Tribe. To ensure proper submission, please include in your submission the title, description, and the video URL (Vimeo or YouTube) or upload link from Google Drive or another source. All video submissions will get proper credit if accepted.

Share an existing video or your own creation to feature on for the world to enjoy.

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