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By Matthew Ramsden

I decided to go down the road less travelled by Australian junior runners, when I passed up the opportunity to go to college in the United States. This was not an easy decision, like all decisions that go against the grain, it poses a risk due to uncertainty. My dad was particularly concerned. As a junior boxing champion, who wasn’t allowed to compete internationally due to the apartheid sanctions in South Africa, my dad struggled to understand why I would turn down an opportunity he would’ve killed for. There were multiple reasons which influenced my decision, but the certifying reason for staying in Australia was that I knew it was my best chance of becoming a great runner, not just a good runner.

DOHA, QATAR – OCTOBER 03: Matthew Ramsden of Australia and

I came to this conclusion after discovering there was a strong correlation between who Australia’s best ever distance runners were, and the group they belonged to. The common denominator was Nic Bideau…..


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