BT RunClub

BT RunClub is a running community for all abilities with groups for sub-4min/km, sub-5min/km and 6min+/km runners.

Each session has its own coach to help you reach your next running or fitness goal. Whether your goal is to get fit, run a marathon, lower your PB or prepare for a particular race or distance, a consistent program and a group of runners spurring you on will help you get there while enjoying the journey.

We offer runners and multi-sport athletes the opportunity train with a experienced athletes and coaches and a motivated group of fellow athletes. BT RunClub believes that all athletes can improve and run with endurance regardless of their age or current ability. Our sessions can play a significant part in helping you run and race both faster and longer.

From the elite to the expectant, BT RunClub will help you to run with endurance.


Our vision, is simple: to see people improve their endurance in the context of community. To help runners and walkers grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually stronger as they identify and, in community, realise their running or fitness goals.