With less than a week till the start of the 2011 domestic season I reflect on my training over the summer holidays and my preparation for the upcoming races.

I had a solid performance in Melbourne over the 1500m last December, which gave me some insight into areas which still needed work. Over the summer holidays training went back to the basics. I did two 3 week blocks where I was doing 2 weeks around 110-120km with the third week being more about recovery, only covering 80-90km. I went back and did a lot of fartleks, thresholds and hills. I kept myself away from the track for as long as possible so that I could go work on my aerobic strength. Over Christmas and New Year I had to be disciplined with getting sessions done and balancing my diet. I still woke up on Christmas day and did a long run and again on New Year’s Day. I had to watch everyone else enjoy foods that I had to pass on. I wanted to make sure that I would start the New Year not having to work of excess weight.

Sessions have got harder but at the same time made easier by having a great group of guys around me. Having trained by myself for so many years it has been really good having a group of guys to train with. For a sport where you compete as an individual it’s the team you have around you that builds the success. The summer training block saw a lot of sessions where I put my body through a tough test and having guys like Blake Vanderwoude and Blake Johnson there to push me all the way is a great help.

During this period of training I also went back to doing circuit sessions in the gym every Sunday. The circuit session was designed by personal trainers at C2k fitness centre and my dad. The circuit is mainly plyometric training, a lot of bounding, explosive exercises along with core exercsises and rowing. The session is used to build explosive power, buffer lactate and increase strength. It also allowed me to work on speed without actually doing reps on the track. By doing this session I could work on my fitness.

This coming weekend is the first of the major races for me this season, with the 800m at the Hunter Track Classic, I hope to build from where I left off from last season with my strong performance at nationals. The plan is to qualify for World University Games and World Champs which is just a stepping stone towards the big 18month goal, the Olympics.
I have had a good preparation and I am very confident I can build from last year’s performances.

See you around the track.