G’day Runners tribe readers
So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Since then plenty of things have changed.

Firstly, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I will be doing a few more 1500m races from now on… ‘Sigh’. I’ll admit it; they’re growing on me. There are a few things I have done a bit differently this season that have caused this; a) I put in a lot of work over the winter and b) I maintained my aerobic base whilst dealing with an injury. The injury delayed the start to my season and reduced the amount off speed work I would have usually done by this stage. However, on an upside, the cross training has resulted in me having the aerobic base I need for 1500m running. As a result I have dropped 12 seconds in the event over the past 2 months.

Secondly, to complement the grueling sessions on and off the track I have started to keep to a rigorous strength/conditioning program. This I have realized is great, not just for rehab and injury prevention, but for assisting to develop me further as a runner. With support from the right people I have made a lot of progress.

Thirdly, University has started back and it’s, let’s say… Refreshing. To be studying again.

Lastly, I now live in Prahran. I have moved to the big smoke to be closer to Uni and training. Although it’s exciting living out of home, juggling sport, study and normality’s is a task. I feel like a bit of a fish-out-of-water being this far from the beach tracks and surf that consumed my spare time over the summer. However, today I was enlightened to experience what it’s like to be a runner in the city. Although there is definitely an absence of ‘wilderness’, there is no absence of people. I was one of 35,000 people who took part in Melbourne’s Run for the Kids. I joined a few of my school friends and did the 15km to honor the memory of my school friend Francesca Henricas and support the Royal Children’s Hospital, Good Friday Appeal.

Out and about at Citylink’s Run For the Kids

Running through Southbank with the rest of Melbourne

One last change, arguably the most significant, has been the inability to keep my most reliable training partner, Jaffa, my dog. However, I feel like I will have no absence of people to run with in Melbourne. On that note to all those city slickers who have run here for years feel free to hook me up with your favorite ‘trails’. My knowledge is limited and training partners on those lonely runs are appreciated!

Enjoy the last few weeks of the season; fine-tuning your training, getting the treatment you need, and most importantly updating your playlists before nationals.

Have fun, stay fit and healthy (maybe post-bone a few Easter celebrations a week or 2) and I’ll see you round the tracks.

Thanks for reading