Hi everyone! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and New Years break.

Firstly a quick recap…

Since last time I wrote I have come off a 6 week break from Achilles Tendonopathy which left me belting out sessions on the elliptical trainer, stationary bike and for a short period of time, pool running. It was in this time I was selected for the Australian Chiba Ekiden Team to compete in the Chiba Ekiden Relays in Japan. This was to be my first senior team and fortunately without the pressure of my last International race as I was the travelling reserve. For the first time in many years, the Ekiden relays weren’t holding a reserve 5000m track race. This was quite disappointing for a majority of the reserves but ended up being a blessing in disguise as my achilles hadn’t fully healed. Luckily having the magic hands of Dolph Francis travelling as the team physiotherapist allowed me to access treatment everyday and identify some key areas which needed attention. This combined with the treatment I have received from Sydney University physio, Stuart Pavely, got me mobile quickly and ensured a fast return to training.

Over my 6 weeks of rest, I had a lot more time for other activities including scouting for the best coffee in Sydney, gaming and occasionally studying. It was in this time that I was talking with a friend who had represented Australia in rowing and had been injured for a period of time as well. During our conversations about our methods of recovery, cross training and lifestyle changes since our injury, the subject of the emotions we experience whilst injured was brought up and it was during this that some similarities were discovered. Aside from the general hatred of cross training, we both experienced the mood swings and a craving for a fix that only our respective sports could provide. It is this fix of endorphins and the release of certain chemicals in the brain that give you the feeling of being alive and ready to charge into our day. It is this fix that you miss the most during an injury period and it is this fix that tastes all the more sweeter once we return to our beloved sport. Once you get your first hit, you have to control yourself and ensure that you don’t charge back into training, otherwise you will end up on the sidelines, waiting for the next one. Luckily for me, I was living on campus at Sydney University which provided a great opportunity to avoid insanity as there was always something to do or someone to hang out with in order to pass the time. This year will be a different scenario as I enter the real world, living in a share house and studying a Masters of Physiotherapy. This change is one that is needed as I need to get away from the on-campus lifestyle however the friendships made and the experiences I had on-campus are the ones I will treasure forever.

Since returning from injury, I have hit form very quickly and have been bending over backwards to ensure my first race since September will be a decent one. I am currently training at Falls Creek with many runners that also make the annual pilgrimage to the “Mecca” of distance running and I have been running reasonably well aside from the gruesome blisters inside both of my feet. I have been living with Ken Green’s training group (and friends) and they have made me very welcome for the two weeks I have been here. After a pretty average session post New Years Eve, I have managed to regroup and get in some decent training in preparation for the World Cross Country Trials in a few weeks. In the opinion of both Sean Williams (my coach) and myself, this is a perfect opportunity to have a hit out and if by some chance I make the team then that is a bonus. Following this, I will be competing in a lot of interclub meets for my club Sydney University to make up for my absence in the first half of the track season and will hopefully get my racing legs back in time for the Briggs Track Classic 5000m and the National Track and Field Champs 5000m, where some personal bests are well overdue! From there I hope to re-sign with the adiRunner sponsorship program for 2013-14. The guys at Run for Your Life and adidas have been great to me this year and have been very supportive, regardless of the goals and it is this relationship I hope to continue this year.

Until next time, I hope you all achieve your goals for 2013.