Firstly I would like to thank runnerstribe and team SIS for the support and also the opportunity to blog. For my first blog I suppose I would like to let you know where I came from and where I am at currently. Growing up I played many sports which included soccer, touch footy and of course athletics, growing up I loved soccer and athletics the most and as I grew older I started focusing on these two sports, i only played in the club level up to the age of 13 I then decided to try out for a local rep team. I was lucky enough to be selected however at the same time I was selected in the under 13’s little athletics national squad in which I would run the 800m, 1500m and would you believe it the 4x100m which was quite funny. Once being selected for the national team, I begun my trial games for the rep team and in the first trial game of the year I tore my groin. This is where I came to the cross road my physio said to me I have to choose one or the other, fortunately I chose athletics and never looked back.

This is when I began to start focusing on athletics a few years down the track at 16 years of age I found myself being lucky enough to be selected in the world youth team to travel to Italy in 2009. I was selected in the 1500 along with Kane Grimster, it was a great experience and I learned much about the level you have to be at to be at the top. The race its self was more like a time trial with the Africans taking charge with a 1.54 first 800, with the rest of us racing from the back and it was clear they were in a class above, I came across the line in 10th place in which I was stoked with.


From here it has been and up and down road with injury, coach changes and general lifestyle changes. At the start of 2010 I decided to leave my childhood coach who I owe so much of my success as a junior to Tony Anderson he taught me a lot and I’ll always remember what he did for me. I changed coaches to Ian Hatfield aka Skip to train with Ryan Gregson, Kevin Batt and David Ricketts (Rickbomb), I spent a year there in where I learnt so much from Ryan and the boys on what it takes to get fit and again I’d like to thank skippy for all he did. In February this year I again decided this wasn’t working for me so I changed to my current coach James Fitzgerald, more commonly known as Jimbo and the squad of TFS369. Here is where I finally found something that is beginning to work and am slowly starting to find some form and beginning to get fit again.

This winter has been a real learning curve for me, I have already learnt so much about myself and what works for me. This winter was also where the mo came back to life and is continuing to show signs of a return to fashion. So now after a solid winter base I look forward to finding some form that saw me selected for the world youth team and firstly start to enjoy the sport again.

Thanks for the read


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