Hi Runnerstribe,

I opened my season with a bang! A PB and a Commonwealth Games ‘B’ qualifier
of 52.81 in the 400m. At this point I was very excited about how I was
running and was looking forward to a successful season. However for the next
few races I struggled to find my rhythm and became quite frustrated which
added to my problems. I realized I needed to take a step back and start to
enjoy what I was doing again.

Next was NSW State Championships and with my new relaxed attitude came with
it a relaxed race. I was back down to 53.1 and a 53.2 in the heat and final.
I managed to win the 400m to defend my previous NSW state title win.

I am now feeling a lot more excited about nationals and really enjoying my
racing again which for myself is an important key for running at my best.

I hope to run a ‘B’ qualifier at nationals and place in the top 2 in hopes
of securing myself and individual 400m spot on the Australian Commonwealth
Games team.

Pirrenee Steinert