Hey guys,

Sorry for my recent absence. Had the HSC to complete.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that I am no longer a schoolboy! Last Wednesday’s chemistry exam marked the end to my school days.

I know it has been a while since my last blog, but ill try my best to sum up everything that has happened in a condensed summary.

The World Championships

The IAAF World Championships in Daegu exceeded my hopes and expectations in almost every department. I cannot put in words how much I learned, both from fellow Flame athletes, but more so the environment itself. It was certainly a jaw opener when I walked up to the village (athlete village) warm up track to see a cluster of my idols casually strolling through their paces. It is funny how much we immortalize and eternalize athletes such as Usain Bolt, Alison Felix and David Oliver. Observing or in one or two cases stalking some of these athletes really showed me that they are not too dissimilar from ourselves. By the time I left the village, in my mind, they were certainly more humanized.

It was seeing these elite athletes in the way that they conducted themselves in every aspect of life that hopefully will prove invaluable in my future progression. When they train, they train. When they relax, they relax. When they party, they party. An athlete that I was fortunate enough to observe closely at the championships was Sally Pearson. If I was to ‘nominate’ a single athlete as the best role model in terms of their dedication and commitment amongst other qualities needed to be the best in the world, Sally is my pick. And she proved this, running debatably the best 100m hurdles race ever. Being on the same team as Sally, I was really able to appreciate her intricate focus, both on and off the track. I strongly encourage everyone who will be attending next years domestic season to arrive a little earlier then normal to observe the way Sally conducts herself whilst she goes through her warm up routine. I could almost guarantee you will come away with something.

In terms of my performance, I was happy. Maybe not ecstatic, but that’s the way the race went. In terms of experience, I could not have gained more. And I mean that. It would be appropriate to thank Ben, Sean, Tristan, John, Lin, Fira and Team Fira. Together, from these experienced athletes, I could not have been better prepared for the race.

I’m sure your all wondering what went through our heads when we realised we had missed the final. I cannot accurately describe what went through my team mates heads, but ill give you an insight into mine.

First and foremost, I was disappointed. Disappointed at the result, disappointed at my tactics and disappointed of the race. Maybe the bronze medal in Berlin heightened our ego’s and expectations more so than we deserved. Not qualifying for the final was another learning point. A big one in fact. We were focused on the result. Not the process. I can tell you now never again will I be focused on the result. Apparently its called the “tom tom theory”. You know where you want to go, that’s obvious (The gold medal podium) but its how you get there that needs attention.

In hindsight; which itself is a beautiful yet terrible thing; the result is/was not as poor as my initial reflections. Although we didn’t make the final, nor the podium, we did come out of that race with two major relisation:

1) We need to run faster

2) We can mix it with these guys in London

Coming back from the World Championships, I was launched straight back into the deep end with three school examinations in as many days. But we won’t go into that, because it is now history.

Unfortunately, coming back I suffered a hamstring injury whilst competing in a school athletics competition. Coming off the bend of a 200, I felt a jerk in my hamstring. Pumped with adrenaline and inexperience, I continued running. In spite of the injury, I still ran a PB of 21.25. The last few months, rehab has been hindered by my HSC, but is coming well now. I have another MRI today to see what is happening inside.

Now, looking towards the upcoming domestic season. Well, you will have to wait a little until my next blog where I will tell you more about my plans, expectations and thoughts.

Speak soon,

Steven Solomon