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Written By Tyson Popplestone


As we journey through this most ancient of sports, she will reveal to us many of life’s great secrets.

Secrets applicable to us not only as athletes,

But as a people.

She’s far more than a sport.

She’s a wise teacher committed to instructing us on the ways in which we can grow.

Concerned not so with our ability, as she is our progress.

Not limited to our physical progress, but mental, emotional and spiritual.

Though her instructions are many,

She has 8 at her core.

They are:

  • There is strength found in your trial When reality doesn’t match the plans we hold, a trial is found. Misunderstood by many to be a step backwards, trials are in fact an essential refining process required to prepare us for the next step of our journey. A trial does not teach what we want, but what we need. None of us can possibly reach our potential without learning the unique lessons within a trial.

  • Talent cannot be changed, only invested in Each of us begin with a unique foundation, often referred to as natural talent. With us from birth, the only way to discover how far it will take us, is to invest in it. We will see glimpses of our talent along our journey, but it won’t be until looking back that we will see how far it took us.

  • Consistency is key Consistency plays the role of filter, separating those in a hurry and those committed to the journey. Even the most talented can stumble on this step. Excitement can motivate us for a week, but only commitment and passion can drive us to continue long term.

  • Focus on your own journey At various points in our journey, we will catch ourselves focusing too much on the breakthrough of a fellow athlete. Though this is natural, it can have a negative impact on the confidence we have in our In these moments it’s important for us to remember that blessings are planted on our path also, and we must keep walking to discover them.

  • Surround yourself with quality We must train with athletes competing at the level we aim to reach. This offers essential insight into the mindset, confidence and commitment required to compete at that level.

  • Be clear on what you’re working towards. Let us not continue aimlessly, without any idea of what we’re working towards. Have the goal in mind, and with the assistance of those you have selected, do your best to plan the map you believe offers you the best chance of getting there.

  • Get back up You will fall throughout this journey. Do not stay down.

  • It’s time to move on Though she can remain a part of our lives forever, there comes a point that we must acknowledge she has taught us all she can. When it is truly time to move on, there will be no anxiety as her peace will reassure you that you’re making the right decision.



Having spent over 10 years as a middle distance runner, Tyson Popplestone has represented Australia at the World University Cross Country Championships (2010) , has a 3000m PR of 8mins 10 seconds, won the 2011 Melbourne Marathon 10km and took out the 2011 Victorian Mile Championships (as seen in the video below). A recurring sinus problem forced him to retire from running a few years back and since then Tyson has not stopped striving to achieve and inspire. He’s attempted to climb Everest amongst other things and now write’s his blog ‘The Art of Intention.’ On a weekly basis, Tyson will be writing a blog on RT with a personal focus on the world of athletics and the things that inspire him around it.


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