Just letting everyone know I’m still alive. I spent 2 full months on crutches with no weight-baring at all. From there I was allowed to walk around for a ryan gregsonmonth to strengthen my ankle joint and calf and increase my range of the joint that was reduced due to immobilisation. I went to get an MRI last Monday to see if my foot was good to go so I could start running, but it wasn’t a good outcome. The area hasn’t fully healed yet. I’m back in a boot now for at least another month. In the new year I will go get another MRI and a bone scan and then see if I can start running. From when I start running it will take about 4 months to build up to a decent load. So if it all goes well I can be doing decent training in May. Everyone gets hurt, I just have to do my time and learn something from it.
The last stress fracture I had I went from being 68kg to 74kg, and this time I’ve been out for longer but have somehow been able to stay the same weight. So this time I guess I won’t have Scott Westcott calling my mates from Wollongong and saying I “got fat”.

Have a good Christmas and New Year, and everyone going to Falls Creek over the break, soak it up and have a chat to all the good guys. They’re good people and started out as beginners back in the day, so take as much as you can from what they do.


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