So I guess I’m not Superman. I pulled up sore after a couple of races and I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. That’s the way life goes I guess. Everybody has their setbacks so you just have to take the good with the bad. All in all it was a great year and I learnt a lot. On the circuit I went from being a young pup to a contender so it was a great step forward.

Now I guess I just try my best to recover and heal. I obviously have a few things I need to address so I can do my best to figure out how this doesn’t happen again. I’m looking forward to the test of coming back and proving myself as a winner. I think all champions have to go through some sort of adversity to prove their worth and I look forward to rising back to the top, however long that may be.


I guess it will be tough watching the Comm Games on TV, just because I was so excited for it and I was obviously in some pretty good shape, but that’s part of the parcel. You have to somehow manage staying fit and injury free so you can actually get to the start line ready to roll. I’ll have my chance.


In Delhi I look forward to watching Jeremy Roff in the 1500m. He’s had his setbacks this year so all credit to him for fighting through it and I hope he does well. I think everyone does. Other than that, I think Collis Birmingham and Ben St. Lawrence will do well in the 5000m. I’ve been living with them in London and they have both had PB seasons so no reason why they can’t turn some heads and push for some hardware if they have a good day. Most importantly though, I love my long jump. It’s been a long season for Fabrice Lapierre with plenty of up’s and a couple of down’s, but watching him jump is one of the best things I enjoy in the sport. One day Fabrice is going to do something special. When he doesn’t hit his take-off, he doesn’t go anywhere, but when he hits it, he seriously flies.

Anyway, I’ll just be hanging out for a few months. I’ll get back to you in the new year when I’m out of hibernation and things start to get rolling.