Marathon & Fun Run Training

Recommended Reading – Marathon & Fun Run Training

Simple Marathon Training: The Right Training For Busy Adults With Hectic Lives. By Jay Johnson.

Running with the Legends – Training and Racing insights from 21 great runners. By Michael Sandrock.

De castella on Running – A complete guide from fun runs to marathons. Training, competing, physiology, diet, exercise, equipment, injuries and more. With Gaylene Clews. By Currey O-neil.

Advanced Marathoning. By Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.

Marathon: You Can Do It. By Jeff Galloway.

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide: Advice, Plans, and Programs for Half and Full Marathons. By Hal Higdon.

The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. By David Whitsett and Forrest Dolgener.

Your First Marathon: A Beginners Guide to Marathon Training, Marathon Preparation and Completnig Your First Marathon. By Richard Bond.

80/20: Run Stronger and Race faster By Training Slwoer. By Matt Fitzgerald and Robert Johnson.

Hanson’s Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way. By Luke Humphrey and Kevin Hanson.

Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training: Winning Strategies, Inspiring Stories, and the Ultimate Training Tools. By Amby Burfoot and Bart Yasso.

Marathon Training for Beginners: A Guide on Completing Your First Marathon and Training Plan. By K P Foster.

Marathon Training: The Underground Plan to Run Your fastest Marathon Ever: A Week by Week Guide With Marathon Diet & Nutrition Plan. By Jason Scotts.

Mastering the Marathon: Time-Efficient Training Secrets For The 40-Plus Athlete. By Don Fink.

Use it or Lose it. By Garth Gilmour and Peter Snell.

A Scientific Approach to Distance Running by Tafnews