You’ve just arrived back from overseas. What’s the biggest thing you miss about home in Australia?

I better say Mums home cooking so I get dinner tonight!

What are the plans for the next few months in regards to training and racing schedule?

I’ve just landed back in Australia for some treatment on an injury that plagued me throughout the year. Fingers crossed l will be fit and healthy for the Australian season. There might even be a 5000 debut in the future.

What was a major highlight of the season so far?

There wasn’t a highlight reel on the track this year but I did gain a lot of valuable experience. Having the opportunity to race at the New Balance Indoor Games and British Indoor Games taught me some valuable racing lessons against the best in the business. Running in sold out meets in the indoor arena is electric.

Are the Rio Olympics a strong motivating factor in your day to day process?

A massive motivational factor. Ever since I was a six years old and I watched the Atlanta Olympics I’ve wanted to be an Olympian. It looked so much cooler than fielding in slips all day at Lords. But first things first and that’s qualifying for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.