The London 2012 Olympic finalist Steven Solomon (NSW) will return to the track early next month, with the Australian Institute of Sport based sprinter competing in the men’s 400m at the North Queensland All-Comers. The national champion in the one-lap race, Solomon can ensure his nomination for Olympic selection with a time quicker than 45.40.

In other competition highlights in the coming weeks, Fabrice Lapierre (NSW) will take to the long jump runway in Rabat (MAR), Rome (ITA) and Birmingham (GBR), while the 10,000m selected Eloise Wellings (NSW) and David McNeill (Vic) will compete on the road at events in Vienna (AUT) and Manchester (GBR) respectively.

For more information on the IAAF Diamond League, please click here.

18 May: IAAF World Challenge (Round 4) – Beijing (CHN)

800m: Josh Ralph (NSW)

1500m: Jenny Blundell (NSW)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.39.52 AM

High Jump: Brandon Starc (NSW)

Javelin: Kathryn Mitchell (Vic)


18 May: Nijmegen Global Athletics – Nijmegen (NED)

800m: Selma Kajan (NSW), Zoe Buckman (Vic)

1500m:Ryan Gregson (Vic), Luke Mathews (Vic), David McNeill (Vic)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.55.38 AM

5000m: Brett Robinson (Vic)


22 May: IAAF Diamond League (Round 3) – Rabat (MAR)

1500m: Ryan Gregson (Vic)

3000m: Sam McEntee (WA), Ben St Lawrence (NSW)

3000m Steeplechase: Genevieve LaCaze (Vic)

Long Jump: Fabrice Lapierre (NSW)

Javelin: Kathryn Mitchell (Vic)

22 May: IAAF World Challenge (Round 5) – Hengelo (NED)

800m: Luke Mathews (Vic)

1500m: Zoe Buckman (Vic)

5000m: Brett Robinson (Vic)

22 May: Great Manchester Run – Manchester (GBR)

10km Road: David McNeill (Vic)

22 May: Austria Women’s Run – Vienna (AUT)

5km Road: Eloise Wellings (NSW)

28 May: IAAF Diamond League (Round 4) – Eugene (USA)

1500m: Linden Hall (Vic)

2 June: IAAF Diamond League (Round 5) – Rome (ITA)

1500m: Ryan Gregson (Vic)

Long Jump: Fabrice Lapierre (NSW)

Discus Throw: Benn Harradine (Qld)

Javelin: Kathryn Mitchell (Vic)

3-5 June: North Queensland All-Comers – Townsville (Qld)

200m: Alex Hartmann (Qld)

400m: Steven Solomon (NSW)

100m Hurdles: Michelle Jenneke (NSW)

Long Jump: Naa Anang (Qld), Henry Frayne (Qld)

High Jump: Hannah Joye (Qld), Joel Baden

Discus Throw: Matthew Denny (Qld)

Javelin: Luke Cann (Vic), Joshua Robinson (Qld)

Ambulant Sprints: Brianna Coop (Qld), Chad Perris (ACT), Scott Reardon (ACT)

Ambulant 400m: Alberto Campbell (Qld)

Ambulant Shot Put: Claire Keefer (Qld)

Ambulant Discus Throw: Katherine Proudfoot (ACT)

Ambulant Javelin: Madeleine Hogan (Vic)

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