Interview by Matt Fox
Q). Hi Brett, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, tell us a little about where you are currently at?

Currently I’m in some dingy pub watching the Anthony Mundine fight. With training, I’m back in ballarat trying to get into normal training, I am having some knee and ITB problems that are a bit annoying right now but working on it

(Q)Who are you at the pub with?

The King of Ballarat Nathan Hartigan. Ryan and Gen decided to have a romantic night in.

(Q) Typical Gregson. So when you say normal training, tell us about what your normal training would look like this time of year. And taking into account this knee/ITB issue, what does your training look like now (cross training etc)?

Normal training is twice a day everyday but Sunday. About 160km a week. A session on a grass track on Tuesday, 8-12km threshold on Thursday, hills on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. That stays pretty same for me the whole year round. At the moment I’m a little on and off. Doing what I can. I have just started running on an Alter G, I find it very boring but atleast I can run. I’m seeing a lot of the physio to try and get it sorted out. I have had a cortisone but hasn’t made much difference, I’m starting to get treatment everyday and a strength program that will hopefully fix the problem.

(Q) That sounds frustrating. Let’s perhaps take your mind off the frustration and get to know you a little off the track… Tell us a little about the Ballarat Project and who is involved.

Members are myself, Collis Birmingham, Ryan Gregson, Nathan Hartigan, Paul Robinson and Selma Kajan. Collis, Ryan, Selma and myself live together and Paul comes over from Ireland to train with us. Nath holds the group together while we are away over winter. It has been great for all of us, living and training together helps us get the most out of every day.

(Q) That sounds like an ideal set up. Does it get a little intense in there sometimes?

I think we all work well together because we are all different kind of athletes. I’m the new kid trying to learn, Collis is the aerobic machine, Grego is the fast and fit guy, Paul is the very fast guy. So we don’t get too competitive in training because we know our place. You have to get rid of your ego in an environment like ours other wise things will fall apart.

(Q) So you’re saying Gregson has gotten rid of his ego?

I think me and Collis have taught him a few lessons in the longer sessions that he doesn’t want to get taught again so he just sticks to what he does best, which is towelling me up over the shorter sessions..

(Q) Good stuff. You’re a big fan of the tattoo… how many do you have, what do they mean and do you plan on getting any more soon?

I have 6 tattoos. On my right butt cheek I have a 1up mushroom from super Mario. That means extra life so hopefully I won’t need it but I do it should work. But other than that no real meanings, I just like tattoos. I was actually having this conversation with a person I’m trying to impress today and she said I have enough. So at the moment I won’t be getting anymore..

(Q) It’s not like you to listen to girls, is it?

I’m a very good listener.

(Q) On the topic, are you currently single, and describe your ideal girl.

Currently I am single.. Haha describe my ideal girl.. Ok, I have to be able to make them smile, Can’t be too tall because I’m not very tall, someone who is cute, good teeth, a nice tan, has to be fun to hang out and be able to put up with my lazy life style of running, tanning, speaking French and going to cafés..

(Q) Ladies enquire within. You are known as a bit of a party boy but a sensible one at that… Where is your ideal party place, in Australia firstly and then the rest of the world.

I do enjoy a bit of a party when the time is right. When I’m in hard training and going well I go a bit quiet and stay in, mostly because I’m too tired… But I do like to say I’m a social butterfly haha. In Australia I enjoy going out in Canberra, it’s a lot cheaper than in a big city and It’s my home so I know a lot of people. In the world I would say New York, I spent a week there at the end of the season and had a great time.. It’s so big there, is so many places to go and know matter what time of the night it is the city is alive, I like going to Times Square at midnight there is still thousands of people around. My cousin Paul Robinson and myself would end most nights with a visit to Times Square.

(Q) Good stuff – so the day Brett Robinson ties the not, will provide for a very interesting bucks party. Give us your dream team line up… And why.

A few mates from back in Canberra that I went through school with, from the running community Ryan Gregson, Kevin Batt and Dave Ricketts will all be definite starters, they are three guys that I can spend heaps of time around without them doing my head in, I have also had some of my best ever night outs with these guys. Yourself will probably also get an invite after some of our recent Whatsapp conversations, we think very similar so may have a little fun together..

(Q) How about some celebrities? Any idols you’d invite?

Easy. Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, One Direction. Two of my favourite movies are Crazy Stupid Love and Friends with Benefits, I wish I could be either of the characters that Gossling or Timberlake play in. And having 1D there will always bring a lot of attention. Hopefully Harry Styles puts up and Instagram of our matching tattoos. That would have to get me some new followers.

(Q) What a line up. Last but not least and back on the topic of running – it would be good to hear a basic diet plan you like to follow. Supplements/protein/food. Just perhaps a standard day and a race day…

I don’t use a whole heap of supplements, iron is the only thing I take daily. I’ll take you through a normal training day. Pre run piece of toast with honey or Nutella, post run I’ll have an Up n Go then I might make some eggs and toast. This kind of turns into lunch because it’s usually 11:30 before in eating. I’ll usually go out and have a couple of coffees, before my next run I might have some more toast and Nutella and a banana. Then dinner at night, I’ll always have a balanced meal with carbs, protein and vegetables. My specialty is apricot chicken with rice and veges. Through the day I’ll drink a lot of water and maybe some some sports drink. For a race day I’ll try not to eat anything new, if it’s a night race I’ll have a small breakfast but a very big lunch, maybe even two. This is about 6 hours before the race. 3 hours before I’ll have a little snack and a chocolate bar. I’m very superstitious so I try to do everything the same on race day. Before World Champs I was using beetroot juice, I used the 2week loading approach. It’s something I’ll use again next year.