Hi Jordan, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule of babe rating to talk with us, tell us where you are currently at:

Jordan Gusman: No worries it’s my pleasure. Currently I’m watching NCIS and there are some good looking birds in this episode so sorry in advanced if these answers are a little short but you know where my focus is at. Running wise I’m still in base training trying to get as fit as possible before the season starts but I’m really looking forward to having a few hit outs on the track shortly.

(Q) We can deal with that. Tell us firstly, what your plan is race wise for the next few months and then we would love to hear some information on your training. The more the merrier.

JG: Not having any school comps for the first time this year has been strange and Zatopek was my first real race. Depending on how that goes I think I will race a few times early next year including the Hunter and Briggs track classic

(Q) Nice and training?

JG: Well a basic week for me at the moment would consist of :

• An 80min long run

• Longer reps (6-8 1km reps off one minute)

•Shorter reps (10-12 300m in 45seconds)

•Hills – either a hilly run or reps

• A lot of recovery runs and 30-45min easy runs

This usually gets me up around 90km for the week

(Q) Good stuff, and do you spend any time in the gym or cross training?

JG: Last season I spent a lot of time in the pool but I didn’t find much correlation between that and running fitness and with a number of trails around there’s no real reason to stay off my legs as I’m not running on concrete too much. All my running is minimal impact.

Gym wise, and I think this will be a surprise to all my lady fans, because they all think I’m massive. I do very little although I do a fair amount of body weight exercises. This is an area I think I could see a big improvement in though, and have started to look into it.

(Q) Before we talk more about your babe ratings and lifestyle outside of the sport, it would be really good to hear a little more in-depth on the training. How fast are your 1km repeats off 1minute? How fast is your long run? And how easy do you take your easy runs? Also, what are your key body weight exercises…

JG: I’m not usually one to give away my secrets especially the ones that help me get the girls but sure.

I’ve only got to 6x1km at the moment and they are usually around 2.58-3.02 depending how I feel.

My Long runs are 4min pace which hits me right on 20km but I like to start off slower and finish the last 5km around 3.40s. I always seem to feel strong after this run!

I was once told by Nick Bromley ‘easy on the trails, hard on the track’ so my easy runs are VERRRY easy. 4.40 pace at best.

And finally the body weight exercises. I tend to get the most benefit for my running from a glute bridge or lying leg curl with a Swiss ball but my ‘look good’ exercises would be a side plank and V-situps

(Q) Thanks for the secrets! It must be handy to have a mentor and close friend such as Nick Bromley?

JG: It’s been great having Bromley help me out. As a kid he was my biggest idol. I loved the way he kicked past people in the last 100m and I used to dream about kicking home like Bromley in my races. He has fought for me to get me in races I maybe shouldn’t have been in looking at it on paper but running for his reputation always sees me run well. He also gives great advice on and off the track

(Q) Being a 3 time national champion, he is certainly one to listen to. Good stuff, and who coaches you at the moment?

JG: I’m currently coached by Patrick Galvin, a school teacher at Bishop Druitt College and former 800m runner himself. We receive mentoring from Nick Bromley, Nic Bideau and Mike Hurst also which has been great. I’ve got an excellent team behind me at the moment. Now I just need to do the business.

(Q) That sounds like an ideal team around you. So onto the famous “Gusmans babe of the week” – a Facebook page you’ve set up that has generated a lot of interest and is very clever, tell us what a girl has to do to win this prestigious award…

JG: It’s starting to get really big with girls even asking for the award which is great. Basically the rule was the girl must be over 18years of age and really I like to pick girls who have ran/thrown/jumped something great. They also must be at least a 6/10 on the Gusman rating scale but that’s most girls so don’t lose hope if you’re a babe and haven’t received it yet. It’s been hard to do with such a quiet winter but hopefully once track fires up it will be back to once a week.

(Q) Are you currently single by the way? And what is your style of girl?

JG: I’m currently single so girls if you’re not the best in the athletic department but are a babe you know what you have to do to get the award. To be honest I’m not sure what my style is. Hair colour doesn’t concern me too much but I think I have a thing for red heads. I think the key points that I like in a female are a good smile, shorter than me, and a good personality. I love a girl who can have the piss taken out of them and not take it to heart

(Q) Ladies, you can find Gusman at (https://www.facebook.com/jordan.gusman.1). Being a young talented athlete, have you considered attending College in the USA? Tell us what you think about this option…

JG: I think every kid has thought about college once or twice. Taking the step and leaving most behind for a fresh start is another but I think it’s a great option. All athletes strive for the professional lifestyle and this lets you experience it possibly before you’ve reached that level. Especially in Australia there isn’t much in the way of professionalism other than the Melbourne Track Club.

As a big Pre fan I don’t think I could say no if “Bill personally let me know he wants me” but it’s a big step. There’s actually a new website that gives young athletes a head start for the college experience called Collegiate Draft (http://www.collegiatedraft.com/) which I think is great for us Aussies.

(Q) Do you currently work on the side of your training or are you studying?

JG: Yes I am both working and studying. Work wise I am pushing mowers and weeding gardens which I see as a bit of extra training but it makes any workout tough afterwards. I was studying at TAFE but finished my cert 4 in fitness last week and not sure what I am going to do next year,

(Q) I’m assuming the Mowing and Weeding is getting you out of bed pretty earlier considering we are doing this interview at 5am Sydney time… or are you up late?

JG: We usually try to be at the first job at quarter to 7 so we can get most the work done before it gets too hot. This means running around 5am every morning if I’ve got a double session. The days I don’t I can’t sleep past 5am anyway. I’ve set my body clock for 5 and I don’t know how to turn the alarm off aha.

(Q) Dedication… So what does past national 2014 hold, do you think? A trip to Europe?

JG: Well it all depends how fast I run really. I’d love to get over to Europe with the MTC even if it’s just to run a few C grade races and pace the boys for some sessions but I won’t be doing that running 1.50 so I better pull my finger out and start having a dig.

(Q) If you did happen to pull your finger out and run quick enough to head over – would you do a little travel afterwards? Have you thought about where you would like to travel on a break?

JG: For sure! America would be cool. I’m a big NBA fan so getting to a game would be great but at the moment I think I’m set on Finland. I hear you can’t beat the Finnish girls. Also my Dads side of the family is Maltese so going to Malta and some stage is a must.

(Q) It’s been really good having a chat with you Gusman. Last but not least, what does a man like yourself do with his spare time? What would a weekend hold for you outside of running?

JG: No worries, thanks for the interview it’s been great. Weekends for me aren’t too big to be honest. There’s not much night life in Coffs Harbour so usually I’m down the beach surfing, playing golf or the playstation. Love a bit of COD!



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