(Q )Can you talk us through the key highs and lows of 2013?

(A) Highs were running a pb of 3.37.10 in the 1500m at the Syndey track classic and a new pb in the 800m. I also placed 3rd in the Australian Championships in the 1500m, which also leads to a low, because I let my training partner at the time, Jeremy Roff, in on the home straight from being boxed in only to be out-dipped on the line. Two weeks after Nationals I was also diagnosed with a Stress Fracture in my Sacrum which ended my chance of going overseas for my first international experience. It also ended any hope of trying to qualify for the 2013 WC.

(Q) What’s a typical training week up at Falls for you?

(A) Monday – AM 50mins PM 8Km, Gym
Tuesday – AM 8x1km PM 8Km
Wednesday – AM 50mins PM 8Km, Gym
Thursday – AM Quarters PM 8Km
Friday – Easy 8Km, Gym
Saturday – AM Hills or Threshold PM 8km
Sunday – Long Run

(Q)Do you have a favorite session?

(A)I was unfortunately struggling with a tight Achilles/Calf during my first week of training up here, but am really looking forward to smashing out some 1Km reps with the boy’s tomorrow morning.

(Q) How do you spend your down time at Falls?

(A) Usually by watching movies, stretching and doing those 1%’s. I’ve also spoken to the locals and have been showed a couple of the fishing holes. I haven’t managed to catch anything just yet, but it’s good to have a bit of a distraction! I also like to talk to my amazing girlfriend and catch up on what’s going on back home.

(Q) Your first hit out this year is the Hunter Track Classic 3,000m, are you confident in your form going into this event?

(A) I would definitely have liked to have had a better week of training last week (first week of falls) but after my stress fracture, I have been working hard on regaining that fitness and fingers crossed I can run confidently and pull out a pb.

(Q) Is making the team for Rio 2016 a motivating factor for you?

(A) Definitely! Its always been my dream to run in the Olympics.

(Q) You’re coached by Jon Glasson. Can you talk a bit about what he brings to the table for your running and such?

(A) Jon was my first coach when I first started running at the age of 19yrs. He not only knows me the best as an athlete, but also a person. He’s my Coach, training partner, mentor and friend.