For the last 3.5 years I have been training under middle distance coach, Ben Norton (Ontrack running) in Brisbane. During this time, I have mainly been training for 800m whilst also competing in a few 400m and 1500m. Our squad is a very close tightknit group, with most of us specialising in middle distance events. Check out of Instagram for regular post, run from our seniors! (@ontrackrun)

Hannah Cox

Throughout the year our training sessions vary depending on whether its XC or Athletics season. From April- October the focus is on building our base, getting fit and strong- ready for a big athletics season ahead, November- March.

My typical week of training consists of 3 x main sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Technique on Monday with easy runs on Wednesday and Friday. Then to finish of a week of training, a long run on Sunday. I also incorporate 2 x gym sessions where I’m coached by Steve Whelan (@engagerehabperform) and 1 x water running session.

When looking back on my training diary which has every session recorded since November 2016, I have chosen 4 of my favourite workouts to share. 2 being from XC season and 2 from athletics season.

In the lead up to nationals, 2 sessions per week consisted of lactic training. Sessions 1 and 2 are both key workouts that give a great indication on where I’m at and what results I can expect (hope) to see.

Session 1: 800m Griffins

2 x sets of 800m broken down at race pace with full recovery in between sets.

  • 400m, 200m, 200m.
  • Jog through infield after each rep (NO STOPPING!)

Leading into Nationals 2019 my times for this session were;

(63.5, 31.5, 31.1)

(64.5, 32, 29.5)

Both sets added up to 2.06 which I then went on to Pb at nationals with a 2.07.15.

Photo provided by Hannah Cox

Session 2:

2 x 5 x 200m with 60 seconds recovery.

I ran this session 2 months before nationals hitting the following times:

(30.4, 30, 30.8, 30.2, 31.3)

(30.5, 30.5, 30.8, 30, 31.4)


Session 3: 1km reps

6 x 1km reps with 2 mins recovery.

We do this session regularly in the winter months, it’s a great session to gauge where you are at fitness wise. I ran this session a few weeks ago and my times were:

(3.44, 3.33, 3.28, 3.25, 3.22, 3.27)


Session 4: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

1 x 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min. (1- 2 min walk/jog recovery)

We run this session all year round but generally more often in the winter months. It’s a great session for building fitness while still incorporating speed with the 2 and 1 minute reps.

I recently did this session and my distances/ times were;

1.4km for 5 mins, 1.15km for 4 mins, 830m for 3 mins, 580m for 2 mins, 395m for 1 min.


Thanks for reading!