“There were tears streaming down my face, but I drove myself on, screaming, ‘Who are you? Who are you?’… And each time the answer that kept bouncing around my mind was just: ‘I am someone who will never stop, someone who will never give up. Ever.”

Story by Jaryd Clifford

Kurt Fearnley is a warrior. A gladiator that pummels his body with the fiercest intent. A man who will never stop fighting, a man who, by nature, knows how to hurt.

Kurt Fearnley is a voice. A voice filled with passion and pride. A strong voice that tells a story, inspiring and motivating around the globe. A true blue Aussie voice.

Kurt Fearnley is a father and a husband. He is an athlete and an advocate. A symbol of courage and grit, of determination and spirit. An icon and a mate.

Kurt Fearnley is green and gold. Without a doubt, one of our finest. Alas, the curtain is closing, and the time has come. “When you’re in these colours you’ve got to be fierce and today I had as close to fierce as I’ll ever get,” he said after the final race. “That hurt mate, I’ve got nothing else… This is
everything, this is done.”

As the dusk descends on Kurt Fearnley’s illustrious green and gold career, it is easy to forget just how far he has come – from the boy with a dream to the man we all know today.


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