Interview By Josh Papanikolaou: Date 7/29/14 Runner’s Tribe

Training for Glasgow:

It was quite tough, I was doing a solid amount of volume and there were some really tough sessions in there like 3 X 6km at under 3 min/k pace.

It was hard work but I thought I was going to be in good shape for the race.

I averaged about 208km for the whole preparation and my highest week was 221km on my first week – I was a bit shocked with how I managed to get through that week.

Even towards the end my last big week of mileage I hit 211km doing on single runs for the week.

You never really feel on top of it, it was just a continuous grind, some weeks you’d feel better than other weeks.

You might do an amazing session then feel quite flat for a few days but you just have to get out there and do the mileage and just hope that you’re not making yourself flat.

I thought I was a good judge on how my body was going.

Expectations a few days before the race:

Coming into the last few days I had done quite a big taper over the last two weeks and I was quite anxious, I was unsure if I had lost fitness or if I had run too hard during my taper.

I was getting quite nervous about that stuff and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to go.

I had the aim of top ten and I wanted to be up there challenging the Kenyans.

You just have to convince yourself that you can run with them.

I just wanted to be with the lead pack or with Michael because he always runs smart.

Thoughts early on in the race:

I didn’t know what to expect early on, I was trying to figure out what the Kenyans were going to do early on.

They made a big move early and I thought that was the move that was going to separate them form the rest of the pack so I went a covered it.

They just kept surging and I realised they were just trying to break each other, so I thought I would gradually pick them up the next time when they surge.

Reaching halfway:

 It was kind of mixed feelings there.

There were some patches where I felt like I was jogging and other parts of the race where I felt uncomfortable with the pace, and sometimes that was when it was slow.

I thought I felt pretty good up until about 35km then it all kind of fell apart then ( he laughs), then I started going backwards a bit.

My last two kilometres was absolutely shocking!

I was actually reeling in some Kenyans at the end but didn’t have enough distance left to catch them – aerobically I felt good but my legs were just heavy.

Hearing about Shelley during the race:

On course it was pretty cool that I had all these people yelling out, “your mate’s winning” or “your mate’s won it”.

I thought he must be winning or surging so it was great to hear but I didn’t really absorb it too well, I was just trying to push myself towards the line.

When I finally got to the finish line I could see him and he was celebrating and gave him the thumbs up.

When I crossed the line I was probably more excited for him than I was for my own result – it was a sensational run by him.

I definitely want to see the last bit on TV because he made the move when it counted – it will be awesome to see.

Looking forward to the next marathon:

I know there is room for a whole lot of improvement.

Starting with some of the surges that I tried to cover on Sunday were well under 3 min pace so that’s kind of paces that I wasn’t expecting to run – so if I go into a big city marathon I’ll run faster off a more even pace.

I thought my run was a pretty good result considering it was a championship race.

I’m definitely looking forward to getting out there and having a crack at another one.

How the body is feeling:

Well, it’s absolutely buggered.

I’ve been struggling to walk around the last couple of days – the quads are both dead.

I did feel my hamstrings near the end of my race but not as much as I thought it was going too given I had some neural pain there in my build-up.

Unfortunately, my room is on the second level so whenever I need to go anywhere I’ve got the battle of the stairs – it’s pretty much like climbing a mountain!

Australian team experience at a Championship:

It’s been great to get to know everyone from all the disciplines.

They are all great people, all friendly and we are all supporting each other.


It took probably nearly two hours and about eight Gatorade bottles to get my sample for a drug test – so that was annoying!

After that I quickly went to see my parents before they went to Belfast.

Then I made a quick dash to go and see Michael and Jess get their medals before watching Collis in the 5,000m and the other guys compete.

I was looking forward to getting to sleep from about midday – my hamstrings were screaming.

I enjoyed every aspect of the day, it was great to see Jess and Michael get their medals, and inspiring.