Tips from Aaron “Speedy” Stubbs

Sprinting is proven to be more efficient than longer endurance types of exercise (think jogging and walking) and has the added bonus of burning fat (even after you have finished exercising!), building muscle and it boosting your basal metabolic rate.  Sprinting is a whole body power-based work out but specifically targets the abs, quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

In addition to toning up your legs and the remainder of your body, sprinting improves your cardiovascular health, cognition and lung function.

Australian sprinter and winner of the Stawell Gift – Aaron “Speedy” Stubbs, has provided Runners Tribe with some insight into how to become a lean mean sprinting machine.  With a personal best time of 10.23, we have asked Speedy Stubbs to share his six key sprinting sessions with us for building speed and explosive power.

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But firstly…the warm up

Before any sprinting session it is critical to ensure your muscles are warm by doing a thorough warm up which may involve:

  • jogging (5-10 minutes);
  • dynamic stretches (for example, leg swings and walking lunges);
  • sprinting drills (such as high knees, bum kicks, skipping etc.) and
  • foam rolling.

Failing to do a proper warm up will make you more susceptible to injury given the high intensity nature of sprinting.


Session 1: Resisted running for acceleration development

This session involves 2 sets of:

  • 3 x 30m prowler pushes;
  • 3 x 30m prowler sleds pulls; and
  • 3 x 30m 3-point start with no weight.

The recovery between reps is 2 minutes and 5-10 minutes between sets.

Session 2: In-and-outs for top end mechanics and maintenance

This session involves 3 sets of 2 x 80m reps where the 80m is run as follows:

accelerate for 20m, maintain for 20m, accelerate for 20m, maintain for 20m.

Session 3: Speed endurance I

This session involves 3 sets of 2 x 150m reps from a standing start, aiming to do 90-95% effort.

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Session 4: Speed endurance II

This is another session designed to increase speed endurance and involves 3 x 150m reps at 100%.  You should have a full recovery between reps (generally 10 – 15 minutes).

Session 5: Pure speed session

This session involves:

  • 3 x 30m block starts in runners with an exaggerated bounding motion;
  • 2 x 20m block starts;
  • 2 x 40m block starts;
  • 2 x 60m block starts; and
  • 2 x rolling 80m.

Session 6: Top end acceleration endurance session

This session involves 3 sets of 4 x 60m rolling start with 100m walk recovery between sets and full recovery between reps.

Whether you’re an elite sprinter or just starting out, the above sessions will improve your fitness, increase your speed and leave you feeling like the next Usain Bolt.

Thank you to Aaron Stubbs for sharing his training tips with Runner’s Tribe and a special mention to Ryan Hoffman who coached Aaron with these sessions.


By Caitlin Murdock – Runner’s Tribe