“One thing is sure: if you want to run fast in competition, you must run fast in training. The problem is when and how, not if.” - Renato Canova

The great coach Renato Canova has a unique approach to marathon training. For Canova, training for the marathon is all about race pace training, not mileage.  Race pace sessions are by far the most important element to preparing for the marathon, every other aspect of training is geared towards this goal.

Canova argues that fast long runs, is the reason why the world has seen such a reduction in world record times.  Ron Clarke led the way, he was well known for smashing his long runs at close to 3 minutes per km.

Canova’s approach to marathon training is unique to the traditional line of thinking. Below are the key elements to Canova’s philosophy:

renato canova

Canova believes that:

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