By your own admission you had a “poor” Nationals due to sickness. What happened and how did you recover?

Yeah 2011 was a poor Nationals from me based on my performance at the Championships. Everything leading into Nationals was going great. Six weeks prior I had posted a time that was only just shy of my personal best and I was looking forward the weekend. Unfortunately that all went out the window when I fell ill to the flu the night of the 400m heats. I managed to progress to the semi finals and tired my best to tough it out but failed to progress to the final. The recovery process was nothing extreme or left of field, I just needed to rest and let my body get over the flu. At the end of the day, I was run down and it was bad timing, but that is life and I needed to regroup and move on.

You ran in Malta this year and ran a new meet record. What was this like and why did you choose to run there?

My Mum is Swedish and my Dad who passed away a few years ago was Maltese. When I failed to be selected for the World Championships team I took the opportunity to go over to Malta for a couple of weeks and have a run. It was lovely to go back there since I hadn’t been there since I was 6 years old. To win was a bonus, and really quite an emotional victory for me given the circumstances.

You were picked in the Australian University Games team to run the individual 400m as well as the 4×400, but decided not to run. What were the reasons behind this?

Withdrawing from World University Games was not an easy decision by any means but I knew it was the right one for me at the time. I push myself each and every day at training to give myself the best opportunity to be selected to run for my country but unfortunately at the time of the World University Games I was just not ready physically to run to the level that I expect of myself.

What was it like watching your fellow 4×400 teammates, the same guys you won gold with in Delhi 12 months earlier, run at World Champs?

That was interesting to say the least. I was in two minds while I watched the live streaming from my house with a good friend. I was disappointed not to be there with the boys but at the same time I was very excited to watch and get vocal at my computer screen! By the end of the World Championships, and having watched the whole thing from home, it has made me even hungrier than ever to be on the team come London Olympics in 20012.

Your thoughts on them not making the final?

Look, I think the boys ran unreal, they gave it their all and it was a good solid clean relay. They really did run seriously quick. On the day the other countries just had that little bit more but no one can say we our boys didn’t run well. Again, the fire burns for London!

How has training gone since you decided to pull out of World Uni Games?

Training has been great. I have really enjoyed being home with friends and family, training with my coach Larry Spencer. I train with the boys on the Central Coast and do gym with the guys at NSWIS. Withdrawing from World University Games has given me the time to go back into really deep base training and also make some technical adjustments.

Goals for 2012? Surely the Olympics would be a big focus?

Massive focus London Olympics 2012! I am just making sure I do everything I can off the track to put myself in the best possible position come Olympic Trials in March. I am a big believer of the process that needs to be done to get to the top. It is all about hard work and there are not short cuts in this system!

Describe a typical training week for Kevin Moore.

Hmm a typical training week for me. Well my training week really starts on Tuesday where I will do a track session followed by the gym. Wednesday is another track session in the morning with a pool recovery session in the afternoon. While the work is very different, Thursdays are the same make up as Tuesday. Friday I will enjoyed a well-deserved complete rest day, and love every moment of it because come Saturday morning you will find me at Mingara Athletics Track for another session! Sunday morning I will be back at the track in the morning and then gym in the afternoon. Then Monday is an easy recovery day with a jog and pool recovery, ready to start again Tuesday!