Runner’s Tribe: You recently finished 15th with 3:57.08 in the Bowerman Mile. Can you share your thoughts on this race? Did you go in with a race plan?

Everybody likes to run faster. Both Collis Birmingham and I had a different lead in into this race and it obviously didn’t work for us but we’ll be looking to turn it around next race.

RT: On June 13th you’ll be competing at the Oslo Diamond League in the mile. What are your expectations for this race?

I love the Dream Mile. I’d like a better performance than last week that’s for sure.

RT: You recently blogged on the Ballarat Project. To many this sounds like the dream life for a runner. Can you describe a typical day whilst you’re in Ballarat?

Standard runner’s day. 2 runs, some gym, some food, coffee, but then throwing in the occasional excursion to Sovereign Hill and the Mars factory.

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RT: How important do you feel it is to have consistent training partners like Brett and Collis?

Very important. Having training partners at a similar level enables you to work harder during sessions.

RT: In regards to your training/racing how do you feel it’s all going with the World Championships looming?

Hopefully we’ll all find out a bit more on the racing front over the next week or so. Training has been good but in these types of questions everyone says they’ve been training well.

RT: What’s your biggest motivation to keep training and competing at the top level?

Motivation is incredibly easy for me because so far I have achieved extremely little in the sport. I think it would be harder for someone like Usain Bolt to stay motivated when you’ve already done it all, twice.

RT: If you weren’t a runner?

I’d be playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL.

RT: Predictions for the NBA Finals?