1. Reflection on 2015; the positives and the negatives?

Positive: I made it to the end of the season healthy. Negative: I didn’t make the World Champs final.

2. What lessons did you learn?

I learnt that I’m not far away from being where I want to be.

3. NY Mile, the lead up, the race and your thoughts on the result.

I ran well. I only came 5th, but I had an 8 hour flight the day before the race, and I came 2nd in the Brussels Diamond League 1500m the night before that, so I did OK considering the circumstances.
4. Moving towards Rio, how are you feeling?

I feel good. I’m starting up base training healthy for the first since 2009 so I’ll be ready.

5. What is your favorate track meeting in the world to watch/race at?

Oslo. The Dream Mile is the most prestigious race outside of the major champs to win.

6. What would you tell your 18 year old self?

Stay humble, don’t hang with many, keep your business to yourself, don’t rush anything, and whatever happens happened for a reason.

7. What do you eat in 24 hrs before a race and at what times?

I try and eat clean most of the time. The night before I will just eat a normal dinner, usually pasta because I like it, but I only run for 3 and a half minutes so I don’t need to carbo load that much. On race day I eat a decent meal 6 hours out, and then a snack 4 hours out and then 2 hours out. These snacks are always an Endura energy bar as they provide plenty of energy and are easy to digest as I am never that hungry on race day.

8. Who do you enjoy running with most and why?

I enjoy running with Genevieve LaCaze because we have comfortable silences. We talk enough throughout the day that on a run we can talk if we want to and then switch off if we just want to relax. I also love running with Brett Robinson and Luke Mathews for the banter as they both always have a good story to share.