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Mary Baughman


  • Home Town: Born and raised in Rochester, NY and now have been in Boulder, CO for 5 years
  • Favourite Trail/s:  Love the trails in Boulder, Colorado. You can have a variation of smooth flowy but also technical. However, my favorite is Mount Sanitas (it’s tattooed on my leg).
  • Favourite Race: The Continental Divide 50K located in Steamboat Springs, it was a memorable race as I got to participate with many of my closest friends as they experienced their first trail race. 
  • Your favourite race result to Date: Run Rabbit Run 100, it was my first 100 miler and such an amazing experience and learned a lot about the distance. But honestly my favorite part of this race was talking and meeting the other runners on the course.  Can’t wait to race another. 
  • Sponsors: None yet but hopefully soon!
  • Occupation (if not only a pro runner): Non-profit Program Manager for Center for People with Disabilities, we are a CIL (Center for Independent Living) and help people with disabilities navigate through barriers to independent living. 
  • Instagram handle: @marybaughman
  • Facebook handle: Mary Baughman


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RT: How did you begin your trail running journey?

I started running my freshman year of college to stay in shape for Lacrosse. I actually ended up getting asked by the Head Cross Country Coach while I was running on the treadmill if I was a runner and he asked me to come practice with the team. So happy my freshman self said yes and hopped in his car up to practice. Since then I participated in track and cross country through college. 

I moved to Boulder, Colorado about 5 years ago where trail runners would go by me while I was hiking and I thought they were insane! A friend in Boulder brought me along on a trail run with others and I enjoyed meeting and talking with the trail community. At first, I was intimidated to run with other trail runners but they are also so welcoming. After that I could not get enough of being on the trails, I would get lost on the Boulder trails but loved the adventure of trying to navigate my way back to the trailhead. Next thing I knew I decided to spontaneously sign up for my first 50k and then proceeded to do more 50Ks. I found myself looking for a coach to keep me from getting injured but also to progress as a trail runner. Luckily David Roche decided to take me on as one of his athletes and I started to see more growth and confidence in my trail running career. I am excited to see what is ahead! 

RT: Can you please provide an outline of a typical week of training?  

I typically run about 5-6 days a week and about 60 miles a week. My weekly training consists of at least 1 rest day of doing absolutely nothing, 1 workout typically and a long run. I try to keep to the trails as much as I can. I am working on including more strength and cross-training to my weekly training for injury prevention. But my weeks can vary and I have grown to listen to my body more and what it needs rather than pushing through a run.

A typical week: 

Monday – NOTHING! 

Tuesday – Easy 8-10 miles w/ strides 

Wednesday Workout – Typically my workouts involve hills (which I love climbing). An example would be: 3 mile warm-up, 5x3min hills, 3 mile cool down. I also try to add some strength in the evening. 

Thursday – Easy 8-10 miles and stretching/strength

Friday – Cross training (Arc Trainer or a spin class) or 4 miles 

Saturday – Long Run – Can vary depending on what I am training for and sometimes may involve some hard pushes. 

Sunday – Usually 10-12 miles with strides


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RT: Post-race can you provide an outline of how you recover and how long it takes you to get back into full training depending on the distance?

Each person is so different with recovery and it depends on the race and also how hard you may have pushed yourself during that race. 

For 50k races I will take 3-4 days completely off post race. Then slowly progress my mileage back up but also substitute running with cross training. Then from there maybe about 2-3 weeks post race I will be back into workouts. 

I am still learning the recovery process for a 100 miler race, recently I jumped back into training too quickly which ended in injury. I am learning more about my body and its recovery process for longer distance races but from what I learned my body needs more recovery time and rest days. I rely greatly on cross training during recovery periods to avoid injuries or future injuries. 


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RT: What shoes and gear are you rotating through currently and what’s your favourite piece of equipment? (we can add links from your sponsors here as a thank you.)

I am a huge fan of Brooks! I use Brooks Caldera for the trails and Brooks Ghost for the roads. Brooks has kept my feet happy! I also love their running shorts…my lucky shorts for races are the Brooks Chaser Shorts.

I have always worn Garmin and will continue to and my running vest is Patagonia Slope Endurance, it fits so well, especially as a female! However, my favourite piece of gear is my rainbow Darn Tough socks!

RT: Major goals for the future?

My overall goal is to keep my body healthy and have confidence! 

This next year I want to take more risks and participate in larger races including Canyons by UTMB 100k. I would like to qualify for Western States and UTMB. 

Outside of races, I would like to participate and volunteer more in the community, especially helping to grow the LGBTQ+ trail community! 

Thank you!