In this extensive Runner’s Tribe series the world’s best ultra and trail runners share their training. Every few days we will be posting a new athletes’ weekly program during a peak training period. Next up we have undoubtedly one of the very best ultra runners in the world, Utah’s Mark Hammond.

Check out Mark’s impressive career highlights list at the end of the article.


  • Home Town: Cottonwood Heights, Utah
  • Favourite Trails: The Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier
  • Favourite Race: Western States
  • Best Result to Date: 3rd place at the 2017 & 2018 Western States
  • Sponsors: Altra, Spring Energy, Liberty Mountain, Drymax, Silva
  • Occupation (if not only a pro runner): Geospatial Analyst 
  • Instagram handle: @mark.d.hammond
  • Facebook handle: mark.hammond3


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RT: 10 weeks out from a major race during your career.  Can you please provide a detailed outline of a typical week of training?  

  • Monday – AM: 1 hr easy  PM: 1.5 hr easy plus 1 hr rock climbing (good for stretching and core strength) 
  • Tuesday – AM: 1 hr easy PM: 1.5 hr progression run with 20 x 90 second intervals
  • Wednesday – AM: 1 hr easy plus 1 hr rock climbing  PM: 1.5 hr easy
  • Thursday – AM: 1 hr easy  PM: 1.5 hr moderate w/ strides
  • Friday – 3 hr with 10 x 3 min hard/3 min easy. Usually on flat treadmill
  • Saturday – 3 hr on hilly terrain
  • Sunday – OFF (Recovery Day).

Weekly mileage varies from 100 -130 miles depending on how much vert I do.


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RT: What shoes and gear are you rotating through currently and what’s your favourite piece of equipment? 

I’m liking the Altra Rivera for road running and Altra Lone Peak 5 for trails because it can grip well in any conditions.  My favorite nutrition is the Spring Energy’s Pina Colada drink mix because it’s delicious, highly nutritious, and my stomach can tolerate it all day.  Another piece of equipment I’m really liking is the Silva Trail Runner Free Ultra headlamp.  It’s certainly the most comfortable and best functioning headlamp I’ve used.


  • P5 2019 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run
  • Winner 2019 Riverlands 100
  • Winner 2019 Prairie Spirit Trail 100k
  • Winner 2019 Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100 Mile Winner 2018 Across The Years 24 Hour
  • Winner 2019 Jackpot 100
  • Voted #5 UROY 2017
  • Voted #8 UROY 2018
  • Winner 2018 Stone Mill 50 Miler
  • Winner Deschutes River 50k
  • P2 Run Rabbit Run 2018
  • Winner 2018 Trail Trashed Ultra 50 Miler
  • Winner 2018 Loup Garou Trail Run 100 Miler
  • Winner 2017 Corner Canyon Ultra 50k
  • P2 Run Rabbit Run 2017
  • P3 2017 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run