By Rafael Baugh (B.Sc Physio, Level 2 AA)
As a running or triathlon coach we constantly look to objectively monitor change in our athletes over time.

Recording split times, measuring cadence, reviewing training volume and analysing racing performances is all part of gaining feedback and ultimately helping plot a course to better results for our athletes.

This search for objectivity and longitudinal comparison is the primary benefit I see for coaches and athletes seeking to use the Precision Biomechanics 3D Gait Analysis

Although running technique is shown to play a very significant role in running economy and ultimately performance, it is still assessed “in the field” subjectively or through inaccurate or basic 2D video analysis with significant variation in both intra and inter-tester reliability. This obviously leaves a massive void for athletes and coaches alike in objectively pin pointing technique weaknesses or inefficiencies and by extension, what strategies can be implemented for improved performance or reduced risk of injury.

Precision Biomechanics and our biomechanics staff use cutting edge 3D motion capture systems to objectively record and measure your running in all 3 planes and identify any variation and weaknesses from normal gait. The raw data collected during the 3D analysis is compared to the world’s largest database of running biomechanics data and an in depth report generated.

From this report, our Sports Physician and Physiotherapist break down the 3D Gait analysis and provide graphical feedback, as well as key summary findings and precise recommendations for follow up with the coach or preferred health care provider.

Just like racing, it takes time to reach a peak. We recommend that the 3D Gait assessment is used longitudinally by coaches to assess change over time. We recommend review every 3 months for serious competitive athletes and every 6 months for recreational and community runners. This allows direct comparison to previous testing results and the ability to ensure that changes in training load and structure positively correlate with improved running form.

Ultimately, at Precision Biomechanics we believe that running technique has been a misunderstood and undervalued piece of the performance puzzle. Traditionally only available to elite athletes and academics, we believe that making 3D Gait analysis commercially available is a very significant step to ensuring that runners of all levels can access this invaluable tool and use it to help ensure ongoing improvements over time.

Full information on testing can be found at and bookings for a 1 hour assessment (*) can be made by calling Western Sports Medicine on 92844511. (*) Initial 3D Gait Analysis $295, Repeat Analysis $225. Rebates apply

Rafael Baugh (B.Sc Physio) is a director of Precision Biomechanics. He has been a physiotherapist for 14 years, including stints with Melbourne Track Club and many professional sporting teams, including the Perth Wildcats and Kookaburras. He commenced coaching athletes for running and multi-sport in 2007. Rafael is a former world #3 duathlete and 8* West Australian Champion in X Country, track and road . He can be contacted via email at