Hellen Obiri’s recent victory in the Boston Marathon is not just a personal triumph but a historic feat, making her one of only four women in the modern era of the World Marathon Majors to secure three consecutive wins. As the spotlight now turns to the upcoming London Marathon, all eyes are on formidable competitors Brigid Kosgei and Peres Jepchirchir, both eager to assert their dominance.

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Kosgei, known for her past victories in Chicago and London, and Jepchirchir, who boasts wins in the Olympics, New York, and Boston, have proved their mettle at the highest levels of the sport. However, the unpredictable nature of the marathon underscores the importance of delivering peak performances on race day.

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Injuries have been a persistent challenge for both Kosgei and Jepchirchir, raising doubts about their Olympic aspirations. With Athletics Kenya’s recent announcement of the provisional Olympic team, Obiri’s victory in Boston has intensified the competition for coveted spots, leaving only two openings. The London Marathon will be a decisive moment for both athletes as they vie for their tickets to Paris.

Jepchirchir, once hailed as the world’s top marathoner, has encountered setbacks following her remarkable streak of five consecutive victories. Meanwhile, Kosgei’s recent performances have shown promise, despite her ongoing battle with hamstring injuries.

Yet, with both athletes still in their prime at 30 years old, there remains the potential for a resurgence if they can overcome their injury woes. However, the emergence of new talents, exemplified by Assefa’s impressive performances, raises the stakes for Kosgei and Jepchirchir. Merely returning to their previous level may not be enough; they must surpass it to reclaim their positions at the pinnacle of the sport.