Peru is awash with jubilation as Lima, its capital city, secures the esteemed privilege of hosting the Pan American Games for the second time in just eight years, emerging victorious over Asunción (Paraguay) at the Extraordinary General Assembly of Panam Sports held in Miami.

The excitement unfolded at the Extraordinary General Assembly in Miami (United States), commencing with President Neven Ilic’s opening remarks, followed by presentations from each candidate city and an engaging question and answer session. Ultimately, Lima was awarded the honor of hosting the 2027 Pan American Games, succeeding Santiago’s hosting in 2023.


The Assembly, which commenced at 9 am local time, witnessed enthusiastic participation via Zoom from member countries. President Neven Ilic highlighted the societal significance of the event, emphasizing the pride of Chileans in hosting the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago.

Renzo Manyari, President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP), showcased Peru’s bid with a compelling video presentation, supported by Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzén, who articulated persuasive arguments and proposals, ultimately swaying the vote in Lima’s favor. The unwavering support from the Peruvian government, including President Dina Boluarte and the Prime Minister, played a pivotal role in securing the bid.

Following Peru’s presentation, Camilo Pérez López Moreira, President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee, presented an ambitious project involving substantial real estate investments, including the construction of Athletes’ Village towers and infrastructure renovations exceeding $315 million (€288 million) in value.

After meticulous deliberations and formal presentations, Lima clinched the honor of hosting the 20th Pan American Games through a secret ballot. Peru is now tasked with fulfilling its pledge of $369 million (€337 million) to enhance existing facilities since 2019, including expansions.

President Neven Ilic expressed gratitude to both candidate cities and their respective countries for their commitment to Panam Sports, commending the professionalism of the bids and acknowledging the support of the Paraguayan and Peruvian governments throughout the bidding process.

The support of President Dina Boluarte and approved economic forecasts were instrumental in securing the bid, ensuring a guaranteed budget aligned with the national sports policy, as affirmed by Carlos Zegarra, Executive Director of Legacy.

The selection process involved presentations from Lima and Asunción, followed by a secret ballot comprising 52 votes to determine the host city. Lima secured 28 votes, surpassing the threshold required for victory.

Looking ahead, while the opening ceremony date remains uncertain, the Peruvian committee president suggested September 2027 as an ideal timeframe, citing Lima’s favorable spring climate and the desire to avoid the cold weather experienced during Santiago 2023.

Peru’s triumph in securing the 2027 Pan American Games reflects its commitment to sports excellence and underscores Lima’s readiness to host a spectacular event that will captivate the Americas.