The French trail running family is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Esteban Olivero, a young and promising athlete, just 22 years old. He tragically passed away on December 23 while skiing down La Blanche in Ecrins National Park, leaving everyone shocked and grieving for such a vibrant life cut short.

Esteban Olivero / INSTAGRAM

Olivero’s Trailblazing Journey

Originally from Var, France, Olivero had shown incredible talent in trail running from a young age. He achieved big wins, including a world medal in the cadet category and five podium finishes in national races, even taking home three titles. His love for the mountains went beyond competitions; he spent summers looking after the Nice refuge in Mercantour, showing his deep passion for nature.

The French Athletics Federation (FFA) and countless others remember Esteban for his unwavering positivity and passion. His passing has left a huge gap in trail running. He’ll be remembered for his strong determination, his love for the sport, and his deep affection for the mountains. Esteban’s cheerful spirit, filled with joy and love for both running and the outdoors, will keep inspiring future athletes.

A Community Mourns

Esteban’s passing has deeply affected the close-knit athletic community. Tributes poured in from around the world, honoring his simple and infectious personality. Leaders like Charles-Ange Ginésy and Florent Besses praised Esteban’s exceptional qualities and his devotion to the mountains. Even though his life was short, Esteban’s impact on trail running and the people who knew him will never fade away.

Esteban was rising fast in the trail-running world. His recent win at the French Championship for under-23 runners showed his immense potential. But beyond his running talent, Esteban was loved for his friendly nature, always wearing a big smile that brightened everyone’s day. The FFA, sharing their sorrow, remembered Esteban’s respected place among fellow trail runners, sending heartfelt condolences to his family and acknowledging his lasting influence on the sport.

In memory of Esteban Olivero, the trail running community honors a bright star whose legacy will continue to shine, inspiring others in their athletic pursuits.