Compounding medication essentially involves the mixing of different drugs to fit the specific needs of an individual. There are several advantages to using a compounded medication, for example, the dosages are more controlled, and they can be easily adjusted throughout your treatment. Aside from that, there are many reasons why you might consider using compounded medication, and in this article, we will explore six of those critical reasons in more depth.  

1. Allergies

Sometimes the ingredients in commercial medications can cause allergic reactions in the users. Depending on what is causing the allergy, whether the sugar or lactose, then compounding a dosage without those ingredients in the medication is the best option for the individual. That way, the person still can experience the benefits of the medication without risk of an allergic reaction. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to differentiate between allergies and side-effects. If you find yourself in this position, the best course of action is to call your pharmacist or a physician to look into the differences between side effects and a drug allergy. That way, you are well-informed about what is going on with your body and how it is best to proceed. 

2. Fussy Children

While it may seem like a trivial reason to use compounded medication; however, do not underestimate the stubbornness of a fussy child who refuses to take their medication. One way to overcome this is to create a medication that has a less offensive taste. On the other hand, if your child has difficulty swallowing the pills, you should consider using compound medication to turn the medication into either liquid or gel form. This method also applies to fussy adults who can’t stand the medication’s taste or simply have a hard time swallowing pills. 

3. People Taking Lots Of Different Medications

Another reason to consider compounding medication is if you are taking a variety of medications already. In a situation like this, creating a customised medication may make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about remembering when to take all these different pills and when because you can just have it compounding into one medication. If you want to see how compounding medications look in action, click here to get an in-depth and professional opinion. A common worry that people have when it comes to mixing medications is that it is not safe. However, this is far from the case, as all compounding pharmacies follow specific guidelines to ensure that everything is done correctly and safely. Specialised pharmacists also carry out the work.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Side Effects

This is a significant reason why people consider using compounded medications! Sometimes with your standard commercial medicines, they can cause terrible side effects that leave you wondering if the medications are even worth it. Thankfully there is a way around this when you compound your medicines. It’s vital that you use a compounding pharmacy that you can trust. There you can learn more about minimising side effects! This is not to say that compounded medications do not cause any side effects because they will sometimes happen. However, the benefit is that you can adjust your medications accordingly during your treatment to find a mix that doesn’t leave you with horrible side effects. 

5. Freedom To Personalise

Put simply; you are in control of what you are taking. You get to work with a compounding pharmacy to ensure that you are getting a medication customised for your needs specifically. The problem with many commercial drugs is that they assume a ‘one size fits all’, a very simplistic approach to very complex beings. So if you are not having much success with your current medication or are experiencing long-term side effects, then compounding medication is definitely something you ought to consider. 

6. Treating Animals 

Getting animals to take their medication can be quite a demanding experience. Watching your cat or dog spit out pills can be incredibly frustrating. However, compounded medications can create pills/ liquid dosages that cater to the animal’s taste pallet. They are available in a variety of flavours including chicken, beef and fish. So you can stop battling with your pet over medication! If you are looking into getting a compound medication for your pet, there are several alternatives available, so be sure to consult a veterinarian.

Some guidelines must be followed to create and sell compound medication. It is a safe procedure, requires specific equipment and uses highly trained staff to create safe and effective medications. It’s a choice many people don’t know much about, so we hope we’ve shed some light on the topic.