It’s the glorious summer, and people want to get out there and exercise. This year, you might be more eager than ever to do so. You probably want to burn off some calories if you’ve been stuck inside during the pandemic.

Covid-19 is still around and probably will be for some time. However, running is something that you can do without wearing a mask or worrying about social distancing unless you’re doing it with friends. Because of this, it’s the ideal pandemic exercise.

Possible dangers exist for runners, though, and you need to know about them if you’re taking to the streets this summer. Let’s look at just a few right now.


Many people don’t consider the dangers of going for a walk or a run. They try to explore some new neighborhoods without knowing what they’re going to encounter along their route.

There’s nothing wrong with checking out some new territory, but you might run into vicious dogs along the way. Some dogs:

  • Are territorial
  • Might not have restraining fences holding them back from the sidewalk

Until you familiarize yourself with a neighborhood, you won’t know if there are any problematic local dogs. The sidewalk and street are public thoroughfares, and you should have access to them.

If you encounter a hostile dog, you might need to talk to the owner or call the police about the problem. There’s no reason a dog should threaten you if you’re harmlessly jogging past.


We’re in the year’s hottest part, and you need to stay hydrated if you’re going out for a walk or a run. You can bring a sports bottle with you full of:

  • Water
  • A sports drink with electrolytes

You want to drink throughout your run, especially if you’re out there in the day’s hottest hours. You might be better off going out early in the morning before it gets too hot, or in the evening when the sun’s about to go down.

Wear Reflective Clothing

You should also wear highly visible clothing if you’re going out running, especially in the evening or early in the morning before the sun rises. If you look online, you’ll see that they sell all kinds of reflective gear, like pants or sneakers designed for this purpose.

You might feel a little silly getting out there in some fluorescent gear, but at least drivers can see you that way. The more visible you are as a runner, the safer you are. If you’re going to be in a high-traffic area, then this is a smart move.


Speaking of high-traffic areas, you should avoid those when you go out running. If you know that there’s a main road along your route that’s often busy, maybe you can replot your course to avoid it.

If you do spend time on your route along a main thoroughfare, stay on the sidewalk and avoid running in the street. Some drivers don’t pay as much attention to runners as they should, and you want to avoid collisions.

Find some quiet side streets to run on. You could also try to find a park nearby that has some suitable running trails for you.

Bring a Phone with You

It’s also helpful for you to bring along a smartphone or a fitness wearable that can make phone calls if you need it. You never know if you’re going to fall and injure yourself, and if you do, you want to be able to call for an ambulance.

You can also use one of the many excellent phone fitness apps that are on the market right now. It can monitor your heart rate and other vital stats as you go. If you own a Fitbit or a similar wearable, it can do many of the same things.

Go Running with Others

One other thing that you might do is try to encourage some family members, neighbours, or friends to go running with you. That way, you’ll all motivate each other.

Also, if anything does happen to one of you, the others can call for help. If you’re jogging through an area that’s not so great, people are less likely to hassle you if you go as a group.

The one thing to think about is that with the pandemic if you go jogging with other people, you’ll need to wear masks or practice social distancing.

With these safety tips in mind, you’re now ready to get out there and enjoy some exercise and fresh air this summer.