Know more about the Philippines betting: the convenient payment methods and combine it with sports analysis that will increase the odds of making winning predictions, now and in the future

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With that introduction, now Evelyn Balyton embarks on the analysis of the sports events that have shaped the Philippines in the recent past as well as how the country athletes are likely to perform in the future international championships.

Olympic in Tokyo

The Philippines performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was unprecedented; it is one of the best performances ever. The 2021 summer games team made its country proud. The country left the tournament with four medals: one gold, two silvers, and a bronze. This is the biggest medal haul; it surpasses the record that was set in 1932 when the Philippines won three medals at the Los Angeles games. 

The first-ever gold medal was won by Hidilyn Diaz, the 55 kg weightlifting champion. Others who bagged medals include Carlo Paalam in Men’s flyweight boxing, Nesthy Petecio in Women’s featherweight boxing, and Eumir Marcial in Men’s middleweight boxing. Others including the Skateboarder Margielyn Arda Didal and Pole vault champion John Obiena performed well with prospects that they will perform even better in the upcoming tournament. It is highly expected that the Philippines will break the current record since the team that was presented in the games is relatively young. Also, they will be moving into future games when they are highly motivated. In any tournament that they will participate in the near future, we predict that they will make their record even better.


It is not the first time that the Philippines boxing team is performing well in international tournaments and more so in the Olympics. The Philippines boxers have made a name for themselves in the international arena. It is not lost that some of the professional boxers such as Pacman have their roots in the Philippines. Betting on the Philippines boxers has betting enthusiasts in the country taking home handsome winnings as they do not disappoint. The boxers are predictable, so when you have the right information and fact, you are good to go as far as making predictions is concerned. Mightytips has been providing reliable and factual information on these boxers and other sporting champions. With such an analysis, factual and to the point, one which is normally done comprehensively, betting enthusiasts can make sound decisions and increase their chances of making winning bets.

The future is bright for the Philippines boxers; the performance of the Olympics team gives hope to the country. They will continue shinning in the future games in the categories of flyweight and middleweight as well as in other divisions.


Two weightlifters entered the Tokyo games; with Hidilyn Diaz emerging as the gold medal finalist in the Women’s 55 kg category while Elreen Ando emerged seventh but set a new national record in her women’s 64 kg category. This is an area that the Philippines was not expected to perform better those who may have placed their bet in Diaz winning a gold medal in this weightlifting category would not have been expecting to win, but here they are, she emerged the winner against many betting enthusiasts predictions. She is only thirty years old and given that she is participating in a category that requires great experience, her game may have just started. Her stars are shining bright. This is an athlete to watch in the next two Olympic Games, we can bet on her good performance in the future.

Other areas in which the Philippines fans are watching include skateboarding, golf, rowing, and basketball. It is only a matter of time before the athletes in these areas bring home their medals putting the country on the map.

The Philippines’ performance in the Tokyo Olympics is something that will dominate the headlines and debates for a long. It has been almost ninety years since the country recorded a good performance. In 2021, they surpassed all the records to bag in the first gold medal ever in weightlifting and also the highest medal tally. The team is now energized; they are highly motivated to win more tournaments. The Philippines’ future at the Olympics and other international games is bright.