There’s nothing more fun than getting out in the sun and getting active. We spend so much time indoors these days. Sometimes we go into work, seeing the sun for a few short minutes, clock in, and then get out when the night is starting to take over. That’s not the way to live. Sitting and typing all day doesn’t do anything for your health. In fact, it’s pretty much been proven to be detrimental. This is doubly true for your kids. Have a party! Have a playdate! Get out there and have a great time in the great outdoors. One fun and engaging idea is a bouncy castle at the Whitfords Nodes parkrun. That brings a whole bunch of different elements in one place for a fun and active day.

Birthdays And Get Togethers 

If your kid is having a birthday, what better way than to spend it at the park with a bouncy castle? It’s fun, it’s open, and nobody is crowding the street with cars. Taking it to the parkrun adds and extra element of engagement with the active world. Show your kids that you can also have fun at the run instead of just at home in front of a device, Get the screens away and pretty soon he electronically glued children will actually play. There doesn’t even need to be a birthday! You can get some fellow parents together, call up Perth Bouncy Castle Hire, and pitch in for a weekend. It’s as easy as that. Plus, nobody expects a random weekend with a bouncy castle. That’s a surprise, and a good one at that. 

Fun With Friends 

Another angle you can take with the bouncy castle, is a run with your buddies. If you and a group of friends have been telling each other you’d go, but never do, this is the perfect time and chance to do so. Get someone to watch the kids, procure the bouncy castle, and have yourself a fun little competitive 5K run. If not, just enjoy the day with it. Walk it, run it, just keep on moving. That’s the essence of a good day outside. Just make sure the person responsible for watching the kids doesn’t end up running the 5K along with you. 

Exercise For Health 

Exercise, in and of itself, is something that children are lacking. We can blame it on the devices all we want, but what we are doing is not giving out kids the engagement they now seek. Simply saying “play outside” isn’t going to cut it anymore. So having a novel reason to go out may be the way to motivate movement. Lack of exercise has been associated with a whole bunch of unsavory physical conditions down the line. Most of these can be avoided with some quality playtime. Bouncy castles for groups and parties are incredibly affordable and provide all the motivation to jump around.

Bouncy castles have been a fun party staple for decades. They’re great for any gathering, picnics, and even a random weekend with some friends. It may seem a bit extra, but that’s the whole point. Why not get a little creative with the weekend? Try it out!