If we had to get technical about coffee with running, there are a few things that would make more than ordinary sense. We know that the coffee bean gives you many different nutrients to help your body in the long run. We know that running, in general, has so many great benefits that help the body to stay strong, flexible and healthy, but what would happen if you added excellently brewed Italian roast coffee beans to your morning and then hit the track straight after? Let’s look at the benefits of both:


For years, we have been told how good exercise is for our bodies and how much our well-being can benefit from training. Running is great for cardio. It gives your heart a boost, and it bumps up your immune system by getting all your parts to work simultaneously. One of the most important things running helps to get rid of is belly fat and the pressure around your midsection. Belly fat is also a slow killer and can be the demise of many of your organs because of all the fat that it stores around them. Visceral fat plays a significant role in slowing down your body’s production, and running helps keep that under control. Running also keeps you mentally alert and helps with brain function in the long run, so you should be good to go.


There are many benefits to drinking coffee, and your cardio health is one of the important ones. Coffee helps to keep your blood vessels clear and prevent clotting in your veins. If you couple the activity of running with ingredients that support good heart health, you can only get a good boost from mixing the two. Like all things taken in moderation, coffee before a jog can help slow down your chances of a stroke or decrease your risk of developing heart failure. It’s good for clearing out toxins in the liver and kidneys, and with running, the wheel of health can keep turning.

Long term benefits 

If you are looking at adding extra wellness to your body and your everyday lifestyle, then having 2 cups of coffee a day and going for a light run every other day can only improve the health benefits that our bodies need. Coffee before a run gives you that extra edge. Coffee clears your mind, boosts your ability to run longer distances and gives your body the extra power to lose fat. Coffee also helps with muscle repair, and over time the two can keep your body functioning for longer. If you have never taken part in any form of exercise, then a coffee and a brisk walk is a great place to start. As your resistance builds, you’ll be able to increase the distance you run and eventually when you become a full-time runner, your body will be in better shape to handle it. All you have to do is remember that all things work well in moderation and develop a sound system when you are starting. Coffee might give you a mental and physical boost, but too much of it coupled with vigorous exercise can be harmful to your body, so take it easy, but do learn to enjoy the benefits of both.