CBD might be effective before and after a workout. The best timing depends on your specific goals. Do you want to improve your focus or reduce soreness post-workout? Whatever your objective, CBD can become a way to achieve your workout endeavor. Intense workouts can wear the body down from muscle soreness, demotivating you from keeping to your exercise regimen. Here are a couple of things to know if you want to include CBD for fitness. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is brief for cannabidiol – one among the various chemicals which will be found within the marijuana plant. Another active compound of the plant is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. While THC is understood for its psychoactive properties, CBD oil may be a non-psychoactive substance with equivalent benefits without leaving users with the “stoned” feeling that sometimes accompanies THC. CBD oil is usually derived from industrial hemp, a plant produced for its edible seeds. Still, it can be derived from marijuana and contain THC.

CBD oil is out there in many forms. As an example, at online stores like CBD.market you’ll find products like capsules and pills, creams and lotions, oils and tinctures, edibles, or vape pens. Before you begin using CBD oil products, however, you ought to read everything on CBD oil you’ll find online and maybe even consult your physician to ascertain the dosage they recommend.

While the utilization of CBD oil is legal in many places, there’s still not enough research to conclude with certainty that it’s effective in providing relief from various conditions. However, many of us have reported that CBD oil helps pain relief, sleep and more.

CBD Before Workout

When it involves taking CBD oil before exercising, we will only mention preliminary research. However, a study published within the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that responder lowered vital sign response to worry among participants who got CBD oil compared to those that were administered a placebo during exercise.

Seeing how CBD oil usually helps to ease anxiety symptoms, many believe that it can also help them focus better during a workout.

Furthermore, while there’s no hard evidence that supports these claims, individuals are reporting that CBD oil helps with pain management because it can aid with inflammation.

CBD products start working after around one to 2 hours, while tinctures are taken sublingually and start kicking in after half-hour to an hour.

A pre-workout CBD dose, whether through skin application or oral consumption, should occur 30 to 60 minutes before your physical exercise for it to be effective. CBD takes a while to kick into the system. 

CBD Post-Workout

You can take CBD or apply it in the forms of topicals after your workout or just before bedtime to enjoy its benefits after a workout. You can also use the product in a specific area for targeted relief. 

While further research is important, there’s slightly more anecdotal evidence that CBD oil has benefits when used post-workout. Seeing as how CBD oil isn’t considered a performance-enhancing substance, many athletes admit to using it for sleep, pain relief, and muscle recovery.

In terms of recovery, CBD oil is assumed to melt the delayed onset muscle soreness and, therefore, accompany pain and immobility. This is often because of its ability to assist with inflammation that’s sometimes the body’s response to exercise.

Additionally, there’s research looking into the connection between CBD oil and sleep. A review of various studies concluded that two-thirds of participants reported improved sleep when taking CBD oil. Another review found that CBD oil can treat insomnia, paradoxical sleep behavior disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness. As rest is significant for muscle recovery and having enough energy for the subsequent day, it’s easy to ascertain how improved sleep can assist you in maximizing your performance. However, the research during this field remains in its infancy.

CBD induces calmness and restfulness post-gym, enabling you to sleep well. Rest plays a crucial role in muscle healing and repair, preparing the body for subsequent workouts. During rest periods, muscle tissues undergo repair processes, including protein synthesis, which strengthens muscles and enhances their ability to perform. 

Additional Factors for An Effective CBD-Workout Combination

Experiment to see what time is appropriate for CBD and weight training. Does your body function better when you take CBD pre- or post-workout? Remember to consider dosage. Some people feel drowsy after using CBD products. Consult a CBD specialist to help you maneuver through concentrations, frequency of use, and possible side effects. 

The quality of your CBD product also affects its efficacy during use. Ensure to buy CBD products online from certified brands to get quality products and avoid adverse reactions.