The renowned marathoner in the world, has vowed to keep competing whether or not he succeeds in capturing a third Olympic gold medal in Paris in 2026 and all six big 26-mile races. The Kenyan runner, who will make his eagerly-awaited Boston marathon debut on Patriots Day, is committed to encourage others to never give up on their dreams and to see every obstacle as a fresh chance. To experience, exceptional performance in running, choose the best footwear for your runs like Tarkine Trail Devil shoes.

Eliud Kipchoge KEN wins the Elite Menís Race. The Virgin Money London Marathon, 22 April 2018.
Photo: Jed Leicester for Virgin Money London Marathon
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Few gaps are seen on Kipchoge’s impressive resume. He has won Olympic gold in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, 15 of the 17 marathons he has run in the past ten years, set the world record of 2 hours, 1 minute, and 9 seconds, and won 10 World Marathon Majors championships. He is the only man to have ever broken two hours at the distance, pulling off the feat in Vienna four years ago with the aid of a large number of pacers (1:59:40). Kipchoge intended to inspire people with this accomplishment and demonstrate that no human is limited, even though it is not recognized as a world record because it did not take place in an open race.

Kipchoge’s attitude is based on optimism and persistence, and he wants to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and never give up, especially in the face of obstacles. In “The Last Milestone,” a documentary on his attempt to run the marathon in under two hours, he talked about how completing a marathon has its rewards and hardships, reflecting the varying experiences of life. He contrasted the difficulties of life, with its ups and downs, hardships, and the opportunity for joy and victory at the end, to running a marathon.

Eliud Kipchoge KEN takes the lead of the Elite Menís Race.The Virgin Money London Marathon, Sunday 24th April 2016.
Photo: Jon Buckle for Virgin Money London Marathon

Prior to becoming the king of the road, Kipchoge was a world-class track competitor, winning bronze in the 5,000 meters at the Athens Olympics and silver in Beijing, as well as gold and silver at the global championships. However, he left the track behind after being bypassed for the 2012 Games team, feeling that it was time for a new challenge. Kipchoge acknowledged that he needed to train rigorously to become a marathoner, and he gradually learned how to handle the demanding and arduous training required.


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Kipchoge’s debut marathon in Hamburg in 2013 set a course record, and he has dominated the marathon scene ever since, with only two minor setbacks: second place to countryman Wilson Kipsang in Berlin in 2013, and eighth place in London in 2020 due to leg and hip cramps and an ear blockage. Despite these challenges, Kipchoge believes that sport is unpredictable and that one must accept the results and enjoy the process of pursuing goals. Throughout his career, Kipchoge has inspired people with his persistence, positivity, and determination to never give up.

Kipchoge’s meticulous preparation for marathons is widely known. According to him, “life is waking up and working,” and he applies this philosophy to his daily routine, which includes twice-daily workouts, simple meals, and spartan accommodations with his NN Running Team colleagues at a high-altitude camp in Kapsabet, Kenya.

Kipchoge is renowned for his discipline and self-examination, which he applies not only to his sport but also to his life in general. He places great emphasis on mindfulness and tranquility, stating that a calm and well-concentrated mind is key to controlling and taking care of the body. Those who know him, such as Jake Scott, the director of the documentary “The Last Milestone,” refer to Kipchoge as an “ascetic monk.”

Rio Olympic Marathon Gold Champion, Eliud Kipchoge chilling with Soh Rui Yong in Kenya

Kipchoge regularly evaluates himself and his actions, questioning whether he is on the right course and making a positive contribution to the world. He has a quote from Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho that reads, “If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself.” His future objectives include expanding his foundation, which focuses on environmental and educational issues, particularly for young people. He wants to tour the world to spread the word about his charity and how important sport is.
In order to complete his Six Stars journey of the world’s top races, Kipchoge has set the objective of competing in Boston and New York this year. Next year, he also hopes to capture a third gold medal in the Olympics. Sport, in Kipchoge’s opinion, acts as a unifying factor that brings people together and promotes the enjoyment of life. He thinks that it is more essential than ever for athletes to spread a message of harmony and inspire people to work together and advance.