If you love poker, running and think that two great things together can only result in something excellent, this article is for you. Poker runs join all the excitement of poker games in rally-like gameplay. Stay with us and learn all about this improbable and extraordinary cross-over.

What’s Poker Run?

A poker run is an event where participants have to run to specific points to collect playing cards. There are several modalities. Players go over predetermined checkpoints by running on foot, sailing a boat, riding a motorcycle, or even riding a horse. It’s not a matter of who crosses the line first, but who’ll get the best hand. So, in the end, it’s a matter of luck, like in any poker game. 

Although there are several modalities of the poker run when you’re taking a break from GGPoker.co.uk for example, the most famous one involves motorcycles. In fact, motorcycle poker runs are so famous that they made it into the Guinness Book in 2009. In an event for the benefit of the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation (FFSF), 2,136 motorcyclists were involved. The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club has organized the event, which took place in nine states across the US.

Another record achieved by this quaint mixture has happened in Fort Collins, also in the United States, in 2013. The event aimed to raise funds for the Realities for Children, an organization that supports children who were victims of abuse. It was the biggest event that happened in one location, involving over 1,400 participants. The game was won by Kayla Brookhart, who showed down a straight spade flush, king high, in Texas Hold’em variation. 

Where to Find a Poker Run

Poker runs don’t happen only in the United States, though. Another noteworthy event occurred in Ottawa, Canada. It was in support of prostate cancer research in 2012, involving 586 runners. 

In the UK, poker runs are famous for their boat version. Like the land-based modality, players must pass by five specific points to collect a playing card in each. Also, here, it isn’t a matter of speed but luck. Competitors with the best hand win, regardless of how long they took to complete the course. 

Getting the Sneakers On 

If you love hitting the road, but not necessarily on wheels, there’s also space for you. You don’t even have to run, as walkers are also welcome. In this modality, participants have 45 minutes to complete their hands. If, after five checkpoints, you still don’t like your hand, you can keep on running and swap your cards in a 1-for-1 way. Here, prizes are awarded to the top 5 hands. 

How to Get Involved

Poker runs are usually charity events. Most people involved in the organization of an event are volunteers, doing so for a good cause. It’s all for the sake of sports and helping others. So, if you want to take part in an event, just look for a local club or association. 

However, if you’d like to organize such an event yourself, you should mind a few details. First off, you must define the checkpoints of your run and apply for the appropriate permits at the local authority. You must also join a team of volunteers at each checkpoint for handing the cards. A solid organization must also consider how many players will be involved to provide a sufficient number of cards.


Poker is a fantastic game that will always move the crowds. Poker runs present a great opportunity for active players to get involved in their favorite game in a more exciting way.