Not everyone can become a world champion or compete in competitions, but they can use running to stay healthy and in shape. Given society’s reliance on technology-based devices, runners can house a plethora of useful applications that can come in extremely handy during their running journey. These apps can accompany you for a run and enable you to stay on track and smash through any goals, with some of the apps in this area providing runners with plenty of assistance as they aim to reap the rewards from running. 

Of course, apps are also prominent in other areas. People download recipe apps to enable them to eat the healthiest and tastiest dishes from around the world; people swipe right on apps like Tinder in an attempt to find love, while there are other sports-themed apps, such as the official Premier League app, that provides breaking news that enables fans to have confidence with their football predictions and keep tabs on their beloved clubs. For runners, the same applies, with a range of slick apps offering a range of benefits, from tracking mileage to offering a selection of useful strength workouts. Let’s take a look at five of the best options in this area below. 

Weav Run

First and foremost, if you’re keen to nail a big run you’ve been aiming to conquer, then some music to accompany you on your mission can certainly help. In fact, for many runners, music is a necessity. If you’re also requiring some tunes to keep you company during your runs, then Weav Run is the perfect option. An app that essentially remixes songs to match your pace, this clever app will either sync up to your cadence the more you run, or you can set your desired cadence before you set off. From there, you’ll be treated to a range of great tracks that will give you an extra boost during a gruelling run. 


Somewhat understandably, many runners don’t have much of a plan when it comes to any objectives or goals they might have. In some instances, it can just be a case of running for a certain period of time and hoping to see results in the long term. If you want to have more organization around your running, though, then Runkeeper will certainly enable you to track and plan your runs in more detail. You can set any goals you may have, follow your progress, take on a series of challenges, make use of a personalized running plan, gain various training insights, and loads more. Also offering coaches to support you on your running escapades, Runkeeper is an app worth looking at. 


You’ve probably heard of Strava, but if you haven’t, then you’ve been missing out on a frankly essential running tool. Ultimately offering users with a social media-focused analytical assistant, Strava is a slick application that features sharable tracking, it provides routes and challenges to smash your way through, and loads more. If you want to use Strava in more detail, though, then a subscription with the app will add even more features, from customizable training plans to more detailed analytics that will give you an even clearer picture of your running progress. A tried and trusted app that has been used by runners around the world since it first came to the fore in 2009, Strava is easily one of the best apps from this particular category. 

Nike Run Club

If you’ve recently snapped up a pair of running shoes from the American athletic footwear and apparel corporation, then why not also download Nike’s running app to accompany you on your runs? This easy-to-use application comes with a range of useful tools and features for all levels of runners, and it doesn’t cost anything to use either. Users of Nike Run Club can track practically everything, from their heart rate to their cadence, while the app also comes packed full of training plans and audio-guided runs that provide motivation and guidance. Also offering users challenges and rewards, alongside the ability to integrate the app with Spotify and Apple Music, Nike Run Club is a great option. 

Zombies, Run!

Many people enjoy taking in the scenery and immersing themselves in the outdoors during a run, but for some, it can become a bit boring if they’re running the same route all the time. In order to spruce up their daily or weekly runs, options like Zombies, Run! Appeal. An app that certainly isn’t for every runner, it throws you immediately into a zombie apocalypse with a series of stories and missions on offer for runners to conquer. You can also add your own music as you aim to survive this virtual running experience and save the human race in the process. A surefire way to get you running faster and covering more distance, Zombies, Run! is a fun and spooky way to improve your runs.