A good pair of shoes is necessary to enhance your performance and cushion your feet for maximum comfort, especially while you’re carrying out strenuous activities like running. Running in marathons or over long distances requires will, a lot of stamina, and a good pair of shoes. Your feet are under tremendous pressure and they need paramount support. A lot of people who are just starting out are uninformed and underestimate the importance of wearing proper shoes while running. To induce this awareness, we’re sharing a few aspects of how shoes can affect your running, encouraging you to improve this practice.

Provides Over Protection

Even though normal shoes protect your sole from the harsh terrain, running shoes provide the extra safety that is required while running continuously on uneven surfaces. They are manufactured with a specific technology that absorbs the shock and provides your feet with soft cushioning. Running shoes usually have softer midsoles that provide stability. However, you’ll have to check the cushioning in the midsole of your chosen shoe design, because more cushioning wears off fast and so you’ll have to purchase another pair sooner than anticipated. Basically, running shoes don’t let your body weight thrust into your feet and the ground by shifting the stress away from your ankles, heels, and toes. Instead, they evenly divide the weight, avoiding any impact from the terrain. A good pair of running shoes also protects you from injuries.

Prevents Arch Support Issues

People with low and high arches can have trouble running over longer distances. Flat-footed runners witness their foot arch almost touching the ground, inducing issues with running and slowing down. Their foot and ankle roll inwards while running, which is commonly known as overpronation. If you suffer from this issue, you might notice that your knee misaligns with your leg. Looking at the range of findmyfootwear trainers, you can easily find the perfect pair of shoes that are specifically designed for your flat feet. The guide suggests buying shoes that provide breathability and exemplary midsole design to support flat feet while running. This will also prevent issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and other problems caused by overpronation.

Contrary to overpronation, an issue called supination also needs to be treated. It is when your knee and foot roll outwards and your arch is too high. It can also be a serious problem for runners as it puts extra pressure on the outer bones and ligaments. You can also find shoes specifically designed to fix supination issues that’ll provide extra support to your heels and help in proper shock absorption. This prevents knee pain and possible injuries.

Better Performance and Results

You need to invest in better equipment if you expect better performance results. When you feel extra comfort and lightness in your feet, it’ll automatically encourage you to step outside and start running. Along with keeping you motivated all the time, good running shoes also improve your endurance and consistency. You’ll not only achieve better athletic performance over time, but also see an improvement in your pace while covering long distances in a shorter time. Wearing the right running shoes also makes you faster and improves your stride.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes for You?

There’s always a right pair of shoes for every runner. With the advancement in technologies and a wide array of designs available, you can choose a pair that fits your size perfectly and resolves your arch issues. You’ll also find a lot of colors and fit alternatives to choose from. If you’re still confused, you can go to a retail store and seek advice from a professional to find the right size and type for you. All the shoe brands differ in their foot-shaped mold designs with varying arch heights, toe lengths, and curve measures that need to be considered before choosing an appropriate pair.

One important tip to follow is to try a variety of suitable running shoes instead of sticking to one. It changes your contact and stride with the terrain, which improves performance, makes you faster and reduces the chances of injuries. This is because your muscles and joints feel less stress and shock patterns, which relieves you of pain and strengthens your muscles. 

Even though they are an expensive investment, running shoes are worth it. If you’re an aspiring runner and desire to run in marathons effortlessly, you should definitely invest in a good pair of running shoes, given its multiple benefits. All in all, getting a pair of good running shoes will encourage you to wake up and go for a run every morning, eliminating the laziness.