The ability to run is biologically programmed in every man by nature. Running is considered one of the primary tools provided by evolution to preserve health and life. Ancient people were already well aware of the many beneficial effects that regular jogging gives to a human.

When you practice long-distance running, apart from heart rate, muscle tension, and fatigue, you feel a change in your state of mind. Every year, more and more neurobiologists state that running impacts our emotional and psychological state. Their research results confirm the runners’ words that running is a good “tool” to organize your thoughts. 

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Sense of Euphoria

The idea that physical activity can cause a powerful release of a flood of endorphins is not new. Many anthropologists say that a human was created as a runner, and only comfortable evolutionary conditions were the reason to refuse the daily long-distance race. That means the runner’s euphoria is a natural reward for endurance. 

Let’s imagine you have just had an intensive workout, and your body has experienced stress, and you feel pain. It’s a signal to release active substances from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, called “endorphins,” that cause a sense of joy. 

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Runners Are More Creative

Physical activity, like running, promotes serotonin production, and increases the oxygen supply to the brain. This affects the ability to think clearly and creatively. The peak of activity starts immediately after the workout, and you see the world brighter and lasts for several hours.

The hardest thing is to start running. Our brain doesn’t like to change its habits, as it’s too energy-consuming to decide to make a new commitment and find time for it. This leads to a mini-conflict, but if you keep your “inner nerd” quiet and act without thinking, you won’t regret it.

Gestalt Closure

There is such a concept as “unfinished gestalt” in psychology. Gestalt is an emotionally significant holistic event that includes lots of elements like a short movie. Every person has a lot of unseen short films, unfinished gestalt. The level of stress and realization depends directly on the number of unfinished gestalts. Running a marathon distance, you can remember your life to every little detail. You can think of scary, hurtful, embarrassing situations that go away with the running. 

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Running Is Better Than Meditation

Nowadays, it has already become normal to be engaged in meditation. Meditation puts thoughts and emotions in order and reduces tension in the body. From the psychophysiological point of view, practitioners achieve this primarily through special theta and gamma modes of the brain. There are many techniques to achieve this state, and, as a rule, they all start working after a few months.

If you start running, you can notice that your brain plunges into the meditative state after 20-30 minutes, even if you are a beginner. Besides, while jogging, you can develop the most creative insights, non-standard solutions to current problems, and bright emotional and spiritual experiences.

A smiling AJ Calitz runs up one of the slick-rock slabs during Stage 2 of the Tankwa Trail which started in the Witzenberg Valley. Photo by

Runners Don’t Suffer From Nervous System Disorders

If running has become your daily routine, you become less hot-tempered and more balanced. You can manage your emotions better and easily endure stressful situations. Many people like jogging as it helps to reduce depression or get rid of it completely. Running also positively affects a person’s mental abilities, as it increases concentration, self-control, and brain activity. Running treats various sleep disorders, as it has a calming effect on mental health.

Your Memory Becomes Better

Experienced runners have noticed that some body changes, including increased attention, can be kept during a few hours after jogging. The body returns to its normal state after running, but the changes can be gained in some period of time. Regular exercises for several months may increase the hippocampus and thus improve some memory types.

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