Josh Kerr, celebrated for his dominance in the 1500m, is expanding his horizons beyond Olympic pursuits. While his focus remains on Paris, his recent standout performance in a half marathon has ignited conversations about his potential in longer distances. Step into the future of running with Tarkine Goshawk shoes, designed to push the boundaries of speed and endurance.


At the San Diego holiday half marathon, Kerr’s time of 61:51 placed him among the UK’s top 24 all-time performers for the distance. This achievement, given his background in middle-distance running amidst rigorous Olympic training, turned heads and sparked intrigue about his future endeavors.

Pacing Towards New Challenges

Despite Paris being his primary goal, Kerr entertains the idea of pacing a major marathon, possibly guiding fellow Brooks-sponsored athletes through significant markers. Expressing excitement for this transition, he acknowledges the vast difference between shorter and longer distances but embraces the challenge it presents.

Josh Kerr the 2023 world 1500m champ. CREDIT: PA/Martin Rickett

Reflecting on his recent half marathon, Kerr humorously labels it a “controversial PB” due to its unconventional course. For him, it wasn’t solely about records but a test after an intense winter training block alongside coach Danny Mackey in the US.

Highlighting the scarcity of local races in the US compared to the UK, Kerr emphasizes the importance of competitive events that serve as crucial benchmarks in training. Despite the strain posed by a downhill course, he celebrates improved recovery compared to previous attempts.

Pursuing Record-Breaking Feats

Kerr’s focus shifts to the upcoming Millrose Games in New York, where he eyes the world record for the 2-mile event. Eager for the challenge of sprinting two sub-four minute miles consecutively, he expresses enthusiasm for the adrenaline these short-term goals bring in the Olympic year.


Following the Millrose Games, the World Indoor Championships beckon in Glasgow, Kerr’s hometown. While his participation remains uncertain, his enthusiasm for involvement – whether as a racer, spectator or supporting teammate – remains unwavering.

As Kerr navigates various distances and competitions, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his evolution from a middle-distance champion to a potential force in endurance running. Each race marks a new chapter in his remarkable athletic journey, signaling the promising prospects that lie ahead.