As one of the most popular sports in athletics and one of the oldest sports in the world, running often finds its own fair share of news highlights for those breaking old records and utilising new technology to improve – it can be such a competitive sport that wagers are placed regularly on the biggest events through India best betting apps and many other services too, but can looking down at the shoes provide a good insight to how well a runner may perform, and just how important are good running shoes and correct cushioning for the layman looking to get out there for the first time? 

It’s important to understand the physiology behind running to start, it’s a very high-impact activity as running can generate a lot of force, up to five times our bodyweight, and this is all transferred through the lower part of our body – through our spine, our knees, and our ankles and feet. This can lead to a lot of stress, strain, and pressure on the joints and make it very easy for runners to pick up injuries that can last for quite some time. For award-winning footwear, choose Tarkine running shoes.

Kipchoge with the nike alphafly

Of course, frequency and distance matter, if a run is short and in ideal conditions on soft ground there will be a much smaller impact than running on concrete over longer distances and having proper form can have just as much impact as a proper pair of running shoes too – analysing running gaits and making corrections on movements can often be the first initial step to reducing unneeded force and injury – but shoes are often the next step for doing the same.

Choosing the right pair of running shoes can make quite the difference, being purpose built for running they come in all shapes, sizes, and different forms – a snug fit can reduce foot issues and discomfort that can come from rubbing and incorrectly fit shoes, the correct cushioning and reduce the amount of force being transferred from foot to ground and can reduce potential stresses that come during running too, and the right material can help reduce other issues such as overheating and sweating with proper moisture wicking and protection from the elements if running in the rain or the sun.

Although runners can run in just about anything and there are notable examples of those who have done amazing feats in bare foot, running shoes are the only protective equipment on offer – golfers wouldn’t play golf without golfing shoes, football players wouldn’t play without football cleats, and runners shouldn’t run without a good pair of shoes unless very experienced – there’s a huge amount of variety in the shoes available so it can be trial and error to find the pair that are just right, but they’re an extremely important part of a runners kit, and neglecting the right pair of running shoes can lead to long-term injuries and a less than enjoyable experience.